Let's Get Personal x GIVEAWAY!

Let's Get Personal x GIVEAWAY!

The first day of 2018 is here! Happy New Year, y’all!

I've shared with you all my brand and blogging goals for 2018, but it's time to get a little personal. It's super important to write your goals out, look at them, think about them, and meditate on all the amazing things you want to accomplish. And always…ALWAYS be specific and intentional. I want to experience personal growth as well as in my professional life, so I wanted to create two separate posts distinguishing the two.

I’m also a visual learner who has to write everything down at least two or three times to make sure it stays top of mind. So I’ve been going crazy this past week, writing out all of the ways I plan to learn, grow, and SAVE! LOL. Let’s jump right in, shall we?


1. PLAN! I'm all about going with the flow, which is great at times, but sometimes we need a plan. This year, I’ll be intentional about planning things out more, whether it’s as simple as weekend plans or as elaborate as vacation.

2. Workout. Y’all. It’s time. It's been too long since I've been in somebody's gym! I'm in my new bachlorette pad and I haven't seen the inside of the gym not once. But this year, things will change. I'm getting older—31 years to be exact—so I need to make sure I stay in shape and take care of myself in every way possible.

3. Study the Word. I enjoy going to church, listening to gospel tunes and podcasts, and reading my Bible. With all of the traveling I do with my new Cantu gig, I need to make more time to do these things that feed my soul. I’m living in my purpose, so I have to be sure to remain thankful and draw closer to God every day.

4. Share my gift more. When it comes to my work, I’m always staying busy, but I make it a point to stop and email with people who reach out for tips and advice. I absolutely love it. This year, I want to extend myself beyond just email. I want to mentor, give back to my community, and even select an intern to work with me to get more exposure to this business. I’ve been blessed with great opportunities and I’m looking forward to sharing them with someone who wants to follow in my footsteps.

5. Save more. I'm so proud of myself; I saved some in 2017 even while doing most of the things I really wanted to do. So this year, I’m taking things up a notch and saving even more. I know I can do it, even if it means shopping in my closet and not out at the mall.

6. See more of the world. Work travel, while fun, is just that—work. This year I plan to take more personal trips, both domestic and international. I’m so excited to see which places I can take off my bucket list. 

7. Date more. 2017 wasn't so hot in the love department and I’m honestly okay with that. I was able to focus on what I needed to focus on and get settled with all the newness that was coming my way. This year, though, I’m promising to carve out time to actually date.

8. Live in the moment. It’s time to put my cell phone down and enjoy the moment. In 2017 I realized that every moment doesn't have to be captured for the blog or Instagram, so this year, I’ll simply enjoy and cherish those moments. Instead of being glued to my phone, I’ll spend time actually talking to my friends and family more when we’re face-to-face. I’m counting on you to hold me to this if we’re ever hanging out!

9. Finish decorating. I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture, and I promise you guys will see more of my place this year. It's been a work in progress trying to decorate a two-bedroom apartment, and I just want to be done already! But of course, perfection takes time. So stay tuned!

10. LIVE MY BEST LIFE! Who cares what people have to say? Just live. I’m focused on having *me* time, taking a solo trip, and read tons of books in order to better live a fulfilled life. I’m dedicated to taking on 2018 the best way I know how.


Photography by: Brandon Grate Photography 

Y’all, I’m so confident that 2018 is going to be amazing! My business is going to flourish even more than it already has, you'll see me hanging out with Cantu in a city near you, and I will be living in the moment and enjoying my time with family and friends.


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    XOXO,    Melissa Chanel  



Melissa Chanel