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Kickin' It With Kia Soul

Melissa ChanelComment
Kickin' It With Kia Soul

If you know anything about me, you know my family is my ROCK. We literally do everything together. Trips, game night, cookouts—you name it, we're together, being our usual rowdy, crazy, loving selves. No matter what we’re doing, our time together is always good for my soul, which is why having Drive Shop hook me up with a Kia Soul for my 2017 family reunion was so fitting. Coincidence? I think not!


The Kia Soul was perfect. It was big enough to fit my cousins and I comfortably, and we drove from location to location effortlessly. At first, I was a little concerned about lil ‘ol me whipping around an SUV, but the size was absolutely perfect. It was compact, but at the same time so spacious, which was a pleasant surprise.Thanks to the Apple CarPlay feature, we rocked out to our favorite summer jams, used the built-in GPS to get us around Charlotte, and had the most hilarious time figuring out all the gadgets and features on that baby. It did so much more than I expected, which seriously made me feel like I was riding luxury. 


Y’all know I love my Lexus, but I’ll have to admit that I’m kinda missing my weekend with my candy apple Kia Soul. She and I made some pretty dope memories! Thank you again, Drive Shop USA; when it comes to hooking me up with the most gorgeous cars that give that luxury feel, you’ve got the best of the best! 


Melissa Chanel