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Melissa Chanel5 Comments

Yes, guys, Melissa Chanel has finally gotten her own humble abode after living at home for the past couple years post-NYC. As much as I love my mama, y'all, it was an adjustment! I just love being in my own space. 

In NYC, I had "Molly Mockets," my teeny tiny (but adorable) studio in Harlem. I had the best times in that place. It's where my boo Janna and I started Girls Nights with home-cooked meals, wine nights, or trips to the new restaurant that eventually opened nearby. They had the best ginger martini and the cutest bartender. (Janna and I rang up our tabs a few nights just so she could play wingman and get us to exchange numbers.) It's also the apartment where I met my friend Angie, who's the best cocktail-maker and makeup artist you'll ever meet. Not even kidding. 

Then, I moved into another apartment in Washington Heights, with a bedroom as big as my old Molly Mockets. It was so spacious, and I got to share the apartment with my good friend Aureole. Now that I look back, rooming with her was the perfect transition back to the comfy, spacious living I'd have once I'd move home months later.

After moving back to Charlotte and living with Millie for a few years (for all who don't know, Millie is my mama, and the ultimate homegirl!), I decided it was time I venture out and get a place to call my own, with everything I love in a space: natural lighting, all new appliances, tons of closet space where my shoes can live, and a kitchen fit for entertaining. After looking at what felt like thousands of apartment, I'm finally settled in (but CERTAINLY did not settle) to the perfect place to call home here in Charlotte. I have soooo much room and closet space that I don't know what to do with myself. I'm excited about decorating and making it all my own, but FIRST, I have to give you guys an empty apartment tour. 


Even before adding the most incredible statement couch to the living room, this place had MC all over it. Then after adding the bar carts along with the couch? It REALLY became my own. (I know I'm being a tease ;-) )

Stay tuned for the room reveals to see all the statement furniture items I've snagged while cheating on fashion with furniture. You know that I'll be sharing them right here on the blog! 

Stay locked in to my social channels for updates on the decorating process. I'll even play little fun games on InstaStories where I'll let you help choose some items. Let's make this a group project, shall we? 

I can't wait to share my home with you!


Melissa Chanel