Faux Leather


There's nothing like a pair of faux leather skinny pants. I purchased a pair from Target a few yeas back that I wore to DEATH. I wore them so much that I rubbed a hole in them, yikes! I had to search high and low for another great pair that I found in one of my favorite stores, H&M. 


You can pretty much pair faux leather with anything and look edgy. If I need a quick outfit I always pull out these skinny's or my faux leather jacket. And I mean the plaid top was a must.

Top: Old Navy | Pants: H&M | Jacket: Gap | Timberlands: Journeys | Purse: Prada (gifted)|

Photography by: Bryce


Do you consider faux leather a closet staple? I sure do! 


Melissa Chanel 

2016: Just Do It


It's time to shine! Yes, I know January is pretty much over, but better late than never right?! I feel like I'm just now able to hit the restart button so my new year is starting now! This year, my mantra is the year of "JUST DO IT" and that can be a new career, traveling, saving, or whatever you may choose. If you want a new career path, just do it! Are you ready to travel out of the country? Just do it. What about getting those commas in your bank account, just do it!  The time is now. I never want to look back on my life wishing I would've done things differently. So this year when it was time to write down my goals I did things a little differently. I not only wrote them down, but I went into detail. I also split my goals up into personal and professional goals, created posted notes, and I look at them each and every day. Here is a closer look at my career/blog goals.

2016: Melissa's Year of JUST DO IT! 

Career Goals

  1.  Become my own boss by March 1st. (See I added a deadline) 
  2. Wake up at 6:00 am and create a daily routine (read, eat breakfast, emails, etc) 
  3. Blog Daily, Monday - Friday to become more consistent
  4. Pitch to at lease 3 brands a week. Create a list of brands I'd like to work with this year and research them. 
  5. Comment on 3-5 blogs a day and create a spreadsheet of blogs that I enjoy reading.
  6. Plan weekly content. Block off time in my schedule to brainstorm, take product shots and write. 
  7. Create a to-do list every day. 
  8. Schedule client meetings twice a month 
  9. Block off time to schedule social media post, repurpose old content, and join weekly fashion, style, beauty chats. 
  10. Brainstorm ideas for my style guide. Create an email list and send out a survey to see if this is a need.

What are you goals for 2016? Did you write them out in detail? 


Melissa Chanel

Be Dope


I apologize for the lack of updates, it's been a minute! If you follow me on Instagram, you know where I’ve been hiding these last couple of weeks. I’ve been traveling the world! Well, not really, but I spent eight days in Budapest. Amazing, right! I'll be doing a recap of my trip soon so look out for that. 

Photography by: Bryce


Now that my vacation has officially ended, I'm ready to dive back into blogging on a more consistent basis.

When Bryce and I were shooting this particular look, I remember someone approaching us in the Noda area saying, "Hey...you two look really dope!" I wasn’t sure if it was me since our outfits were very casual. Either way, that comment really stuck with us. We still talk about it to this day!

It just goes to show that your work is always being noticed, even on chill days like today. This 90s inspired outfit was so comfy and easy to put together. The blazer is one of my all-time favorites, and I'm so glad I didn't think twice when pulling it from that Forever 21 rack. Don't worry you'll see it tons more before spring because this year I will be shopping my closet much more. 

Blazer: F21 (old) | Sweater: Target | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Nine West | Hat: Gifted | Purse: Old Navy (old)


Have you ever had someone notice you when you least expected it? How did it make you feel? 


Melissa Chanel 

Missing New York


Photography by: Bryce 

Although my recent career endeavors have brought me back to the Queen City, I left a piece of myself In the Concrete Jungle. Honestly, I'm not regretting my decision, but I really miss the Big Apple. It's hard for me to start over once again, especially since I made so many friends in the city. It doesn't help that they call me to move back every other day...haha. I miss the hustle, the crazy crowded subways, the convenience of always finding what I want or need at any time of day or night, I miss the corner store at 141st and Lennox (they had the best sandwiches ever), and the randomness. Overall, New York taught me so much! I learned how to make money from multiple hustles, which is one of the reasons I'm up working at 2 am right now. I'll never forget the journey I made to live in the BIG CITY, and the big smile that I had after realizing I was living my dream.

Top: H&M | Hat: Lids | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: BCBG (old) | Vest: F21

I'm really happy with my life in Charlotte and I'm excited to see what the future holds for me here. NYC I think it's time for a visit, but until then I'll wear my New York Yankees hat with pride! 

Melissa Chanel 

Melissa Chanel x CoinStar

This post is sponsored by Coinstar, but all opinions are my own. 

Did you know you can instantly exchange gift cards for cash?! If the answer is no, keep reading. 


The New Year is here and we're all hoarding those gift cards we received during the holiday season. I know I'm one of those people who keep gift cards FOREVER, even if they're for stores I never shop in. Well, guess what?! We know longer have to let those gift cards take up space in our wallets because Coinstar is here to save the day! Now you can instantly exchange gift cards for cash at any Coinstar Exchange kiosk and those are Coinstar's words, not mine...haha. 


After I received this information you know I had to go out and give it a try right?! I grabbed my belongings (and my Mom) and took a ride to my local Food Lion to see if this Coinstar news was REAL. After arriving at two local grocery stores in my area and seeing the "not in service" sign, hanging from the kiosk, I got little disappointed, but I kept the faith. As I walked into the THIRD supermarket I could see the shiny yellow kiosks waiting for me in the right-hand corner and after following a few easy steps, I was able to exchange my gift card for cash money! Money, Money, Money......MONEY! 

Here's how it works: 

1. View and accept the offer 

2. Verify your identity 

3. Insert your gift card

4. Print your cash voucher 

Easy right? Now, wait ...please finish reading this post before you head out to your local grocery store to get rich! The exchange booths aren't in ALL stores yet so before you leave the house, click HERE to locate a kiosk near you. 


FYI: Payout rates vary by retailer. This means offers are different for each gift card. 

Congrats! You're all done and now a few dollars richer. Here's another tip...make sure your gift card is accepted at the kiosk, then thank me in the comment section below once your transaction is complete, lol! 

So if you have tons of gift cards taking up space in your wallet and haven't the lotto yet, the time is now. Get your coins up with the help of Coinstar