Last Days of Summer


I really don't want summer to end. Who's with me? I'd rather move to a place that has summer all year long than to deal with sweaters, coats, snow, and boots. So what do I do during my last days of summer? Well, first I wear all my summer faves and this romper is one of them. 

Photography by: Bryce


Then I switch my closet out and purge/pack up MOST of my summer belongings. This step makes me so sad, but the show must go on. I also like to figure out Labor Day plans as well as change my bedding to a nice fall/winter color. 

Romper: F21 (Super Old) | Shoes: Zara (old) | Sunnies: Street vendor | Purse: Shop Prima Donna


And last but not least I go shopping for fall/winter lipstick and nail polish. I love to go darker as the season changes and this may be the only thing I'm excited about as the weather gets cooler. This will be my first fall/winter in Charlotte in 2 1/2 years sooo I'm excited that I won't have to walk to work in the brutal NYC cold/snow. Happy almost fall I guess I should say, blah! LOL.

How are you spending your last days of summer? 


Melissa Chanel

Skin Care Routine: Balm & Co


Who else fights dry skin and adult acne? When I found out that my sis Alex had some amazing body products I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.  I've been seeing a dermatologist and trying hard to drink more water and even though my face is looking better I still fight with my dry skin. So when she hit me up about trying a few products I jumped at the opportunity. 

Here's what I received: 

  1. Glow Serum- A daily facial oil for dry to normal skin but could also be used on combination skin. Ummm perfect! 
  2. Glow Mist - Helps restore PH & combats acne and it's great when used with the glow serum! I think I've found my perfect match. 
  3. Citrus Ginger - Lip balm. And as Alex states, a little goes a long way. I wear matte lipsticks a lot which makes my lips very dry, this stuff comes in handy.

I've been using these items for about a week and I'm already loving the results. I combine them with my regular facial cleanser & the creams provided by dermatologist and voila! I repeat these steps morning and night along with drinking more water in hopes for a acne free face. I promise to do a check-in to let you guys see before and after photos in October. 

Balm & co. has facial options, but belly balm for mommas and also beard balm for's like a win, win when shopping for your family and friends. 

Head over and check them out. What products do you use in your daily skin care routine?


Melissa Chanel


5 Tips when shopping sale/clearance


It's nothing and I mean nothing like a end of season Zara sale. I once heard Kela Walker say it's the only time she shops in the store and I couldn't agree more. Why pay full price when most things will go on sale after 2-3 months?! 


Before moving out of the city I caught that Zara sale and snagged these amazing, high-waist floral shorts. I thought about leaving them, but I thought NAH they're over half off and I had already began putting outfits together in my head. 


They were the last pair left and a perfect fit so  it was fate, right?!  Now that I think about it, this whole outfit was from the clearance rack. I found this bodysuit for $10 bucks at H&M. My luck has really been on 100 lately, did I tell you guys I won $50 bucks on a scratch off a week ago? We all have our right time, right place stories and I've been having a lot of those lately.

Shorts: Zara (sold out) | Top: H&M | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) | Lips: RiRi Woo | 

Photography by: Bryce

5 Clearance/Sale Shopping Tips: 

  1. Dress comfy and have a clear mind. 
  2. Try on your items before making a decision. 
  3. If your size is the only size left and you want it, buy it. 
  4. Ask if it's an additional anything off, you'd be surprised sometime. 
  5. Make sure your price is correct at the register. Sometime sale items don't ring up correctly.

Do you have tips to add to my list? Share them. 


Melissa Chanel

Travel Diary: Miami, FL


I packed up my New York City life and headed to Maimi to celebrate, well something like that. My cousin and I are a year and 4 days apart and this year he decided he wanted to celebrate in Miami with family. Since he turned 30 and he's the oldest, I scratched my plans and tagged along. We didn't have any plans just wanted to enjoy each other and have some fun in the that's exactly what we did. 

I arrived a day early because I'm that brat who doesn't want to travel on her birthday and makes a big deal about it. My friend Melissa (yes, we're name twins) and I scored this really cool Airbnb for cheap and enjoyed South Beach. 

We ate good then celebrated my bday with some yummy gelato. 

Pink Dress: F21 | White Swimsuit: American Apparel | Flower Crown: H&M |  


I was so excited because of course it was my birthday, but my family would be getting in town that day as well. I knew once they arrived, it was about to go DOWN! 

We pretty much lived that the beach, but spent one night out of the town. 

Orange Swim Suit: OLD (Instagram boutique) | Kimono: F21 (old) | Leopard Swimsuit: American Apparel 

Top and Bottom: Zara (instore) | Shoes: Steve Madden

Cousins? Nah, we’re best friends

10 things I learned on this trip:

  1. Why not Airbnb, it's so much cheaper. 
  2. Trips with your cousin are so much fun. Where are we going next year? 
  3. It's fun to NOT have a plan and just go with the flow. 
  4. Good friends (like Melissa) are very hard to find. 
  5. My birthday will always be a BIG DEAL. 
  6. My cousin Nicole has BAD road rage, lol. 
  7. The beach is my favorite place on earth. 
  8. Clubbing is not my thing anymore. 
  9. If I could wear a swimsuit everyday I'll be perfectly fine. 
  10. Props are always okay when you're  a blogger

I hadn't been to Miami since Spring Break of 2009, so this was a new experience for me. I enjoyed the sun, the food, and the laughs. I think a yearly cousins trip is a must now -- we just get each other. After all, they were my first best friends. 

P.S.- S/o to them for not complaining once about all the pictures. They really support my dream and I love them for that. My cousins are the real MVP's. 


Melissa Chanel

The Starter

Sometime all you need is one piece to start a conversation. Β 


I had so much fun building an outfit around my gifted pair of "Juice Bar Slices" earrings. This type of ear candy is amazing for events, dates, or girls night out. You always have something to talk about, a conversation piece is what I like to call them. 


They Juice Bar Slices me feel so fun I and playful. I decided to pair them with a cute pair of culottes from H&M and a basic crop top. 

Grab a pair of sunglasses are you're ready for a fun day out. 


Photography by: Bryce


I held a giveaway on Instagram last week, I hope you were able to enter. I really enjoy working with brands like Dark & Lovely. Thanks for always testing my creativity and helping me step outside of the box.  


Melissa Chanel