5 Maxi Dresses for Under $20


The weather is starting to get warmer so you know what that means right?! Maxi dress season is upon us. I get so excited because a maxis are my favorite type of dress to wear in the spring. They're pretty much a full outfit, shoes really don't matter especially if you're a shorty like me, and all you need is a cute purse or accessories to finish the look. You know what's even better? When you can find a maxi dress for under $20, like the one I'm pictured in above. 


I found this black and white (Beyonce Formation inspired dress) while browsing the racks in my local H&M. It's pretty popular because I've seen it on so many bloggers and I totally understand why, it's so stylish and comfortable. If you're loving this dress and have a maxi dress obsession keep reading because you're in for a treat! 


Photography by: One Deep Photography 

Here are 5 cute maxis under $20 bucks

  1. H&M's Jersey Maxi Dress
  2. Forever 21's Floral Maxi 
  3. Lulu's Satin Maxi
  4. Forever 21's Stripped High-Slit Maxi
  5. Asos Love Kimono Maxi

Can you believe it, 5 stylish maxi dresses for under $20 bucks?! Don't think for one second you have to break the bank to be cute and on trend. There are tons of dresses for every budget.  HAPPY SHOPPING! 


Where do you shop for maxi dresses? 


Melissa Chanel

MiMi Chatter May Unboxing

MiMi Chatter Beauty Bag Unboxing.png

Nothing and I mean nothing is better than receiving fun goodies in the mail. Every month Mimi Chatter hooks me up with a bag that's always bigger and better than the previous month's bag. I'm so excited to crack it open and see what's inside. This month's bag was filled with full sized products every girl needs this spring. Ready to jump in? 


The first thing I noticed was how heavy this month's bag was which made me even more excited to see what was inside. Hopefully, some of these items make it into my makeup/beauty bag. Here we go....

 Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Youth Restoring Essence ($58). I've never tried this product, but I'm excited to take it for a spin. I'll keep you updated on if it's a MC favorite. 

Too Cool for School All-in-one Egg Mellow Cream ($36). I've been researching and reading great things about this 5-in-1 firming moisturizer and on top of that it smells amazing. Cracking this baby open as we speak. 

Tata Harper Very Nice Lip & Cheek Tint ($36). It's a beautiful light pink color and the fact that I can use it on my cheeks and lips is a win in my book. Have any of you tried anything from the Tata Harper line? 

Colorscience Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50 ($64). I think this product is a win because it protects you from the sun all while looking flawless. It's also perfect for gals on the go because the brush is attached to it. I've heard it's a great setting powder, too bad it's not my match. Giveaway maybe?! 

CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose ($90). I'm a sucker for a great scent that doesn't bother my allergies and once I took sniff of this I had to take it for a spin. O-M-G it smells soooooo good, it's super light, but people can still smell you walking past. I've received sooo many compliments when I wear this perfume so you know I've been wearing it everyday right?! When I run out I will be stocking back up on this! A mix of rose, jasmine, and peony....this is a ALL SUMMER '16 scent for sure. 

Tarte Cosmetics Clay Post Waterproof Shadow Liner ($21). I received a beautiful rose gold color that I think will go great with my skin tone. I've never tried a clay pot liner so I'll be youtubing a few videos before applying. If I like it, I'll make sure I post a photo on my Instagram so you guys can see it. 

IMG_8214 (1).JPG

Are you interested in trying some of the products I've listed? Well, today is your lucky day because I have coupon codes for you!! 

Colorescience- Save $10 off the SPF powder I chatted about above at www.colorescience.com with code MIMIBAG. You have until the end of this month, so hurry! 

CLEAN- The perfume I was bragging about, I have a 15% OFF coupon for you. Head over to sephora.com and use code RESERVEYOURS15 at checkout. Code ends May 31st. 

Elizabeth Arden- When you use code MIMIBAG at checkout you'll receive free shipping plus the new EA Grand Entrance Mascara + more. Head over to www.elizabetharden.com now to place your order. Offer ends May 31st. 

Tarte - 15% OFF when using code MIMIBAG on any tarte.com purchase. You have until May 31st so get your orders in now ladies. 

I can't believe I received all these amazing products in this months bag. I can't wait to play around and what do you know, some of them may end up in my May favs. Stay tuned for a favorites post in the next week or two. 



The Mimi Beauty Bag is now a part of the Instyle Family, how cool is that?! Want more info on how you can get one of these bags on your doorstep each month? Head over now for more information. 

Have you tried any of the products I've listed? If so, comment below and tell me what you liked or didn't like about the product. 


Melissa Chanel

4 Easy WorkOut HairStyles


Confession time! We all like to look naturally cute while working out, right?! I often get these excuses from friends when it's time to hit the gym,  "oh no I just got my hair done I can't work out" or "girl this is a fresh twist out, maybe tomorrow". If you hear this a lot from your friends or you have a hard time finding quick and easy work out hairstyles, today is your lucky day. I have come up with four simple and easy hair styles to help you rock cute hair while working out with the help of my favorite products from Cantu Beauty. Are you ready to get started? 


First, we're going to need a few hair products! I decided to use  my go-to Anti-Fade Color Protecting Oil, my Coconut Oil Shine & Hold Mist, & lastly a little Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel, all by Cantu. These three products can be found at your local beauty supply stores as well as Target, Family Dollar, WalMart and Sally's. Now that we have our products selected, grab a few bobby pins (I used three), a comb of your choice, a goody hair tie and one clip. Ready?

Here are 4 Easy Workout Hairstyles

  1. The Puff - I call this my lazy girl hairstyle on any given day, but it's also great for the gym. Simply spray a little water throughout your hair, then add in a few squirts of your shine & hold mist, lastly wrap your goody hair tie around twice and adjust it to your liking. I also add a little bit of the stay gel to my edges to keep them from flying during my workout. That's it & it took all of what? Three mins!
  2. The Front Twist - Chill in the front, party in the back is what I like to call it. I usually like to do this style on stretched hair. All you do is again, add water, spray some shine and hold mist roll and tuck the hair until you get the end then use your bobby pins to secure it. 2 mins, literally. WHAAAAT? We're on a roll.
  3. The Top Knot- Again, who wants hair falling in their eyes when trying to workout?! The goal for this style was to find a hair style that was already on trend. We have seen top knots from the board room to the runway and every place in between so why not bring it to the gym as well. When I need to run quick errands after a workout and want to look presentable I go with the top knot. For this style add a little water, shine & hold mist, as well as edge stay gel to give it that sleek look we all love. I used that same goody scrunchy to secure it and folded the hair under the scrunchy, didn't even need my bobby pins. This girl is that good, haha!
  4. The Tuck & Roll - This last hairstyle is a style I found on accident. I was trying a new hairstyle for work a few years ago and it was a huge FAIL. I didn't have much time and had to do something quick so I sectioned my hair in two, added some water, shine and hold mist and a nice amount of edge stay gel and just rolled and tucked the hair adding bobby pins at the midway point and then again at the end to secure the hair. I followed the same directions on the other side, tied it down while I drove to work and this girl had a new style. I received so many compliments on this hairstyle that I ended up wearing it for a week, lol. It's also great for the gym as you can see. 

So now you have 4 super easy and quick hairstyles to get you through those tough workouts. You can easily wear these styles to run errands after working out or to work if you gym it on your lunch break. So next time you're worried about your hair before heading to the gym, remember curly girls CAN stay fit all while looking good! All you need to do is eat healthy (healthy hair starts from within), keep your hair moisturized and find a style that works for you!

This post was sponsored by Cantu Beauty. All opinions and hairstyles are my own. 

Do you have a go-to workout hairstyle? If so, share it below.


Melissa Chanel

Off-The-Shoulder Dress


It's been two long weeks, but I'm back with a fun spring outfit post! I'd been eyeing a dress like this on some of my favorite bloggers and had to get my hand on an inexpensive one. Forever 21 is always my go-to when I don't have a large budget and I scored BIG! This denim off the shoulder dress fits like a glove and I only paid 20 bucks for it. If you follow me on social media you know that I've been on an off-the-shoulder kick lately so I was happy to add this to my collection. A girl can never have enough denim. 


Dress: Forever 21 (sold out) | Sneakers: Target | Sunnies: Forever 21 (sold out) | 

Are you currently thinking of ways to wear this fun off-the-shoulder dress? Let me help. You can make this dress super casual like I did here with a pair of fun sneakers or dress it up by belting it and throwing on some fun spring sandals or wedges. This dress is definitely a spring/summer repeat so don't be surpised if you see it again. 


Since my dress is currently sold out online here are four places you can find off-the-shoulder denim dresses. 

  1.  Express 
  2. Zara
  3. ASOS
  4. With Chic 

Didn't my brother do such a great job snapping my photos? It takes a village to run a blog, literally. 

What spring trend are you currently loving? 


Melissa Chanel 

5 Ways To Have An At Home Pamper Session


Long Week? We all need a little pampering sometimes especially after working a 9-5 and having extracurricular activities. I love creating fun at home pamper sessions on a Friday night or Saturday morning to wind down after all the craziness. And to be honest, it's just not in the budget to go out and spend money on a massage, facial, or mani/pedi every other week. So I've decided to share a few fun ways to create a great at home pamper regimen that you'll love. 


Melissa Chanel'spamper session loading .......

1. Facial: Lately I've been loving my Tula exfoliating treatment mask from my April Mimi Chatter bag. It leaves my face feeling super clean and gives me that 20 something-year-old glow. I pamper myself twice a week using this treatment mask and I look forward to it every week.

2. Bubble Bath: Who doesn't love a nice bubble bath, like really?! Light a few candles, pour a glass of wine, add a Lush Bubble Bar, and just relax. Soothing music helps as well. I love to play my oldies playlist or a great jazz station. I could spend hours in the bathtub doing nothing but relaxing. And the best part about it is, it's FREE! 

3. A Good Book: Cuddle up in your bed after your amazing bath with a great book. You can spend time in a whole different world when you find a book that takes all your attention away from the world's craziness. I have so many on my list, like Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham. 

4. Deep Condition: I don't know about you, but deep conditioning my hair is so relaxing. I usually let mine stayy on for an hour or two while I read or relax. I'm keeping my hair healthy as well as having some much needed me time. This girl right here can't live without my Cantu Deep Treatment Masque. My hair has color in it so I need as much moisture as possible and this masque does just that. I promise you'll be a part of the #cantucrew after a few deep treatment sessions. 

5. Wine-o'clock: It's always wine o'clock in my head so pour up! Having just one glass of wine is very relaxing after a long day. I'm really into sweet dessert wine and trust me just one glass won't hurt. I like to head to my local total wine and rack up so I'm prepared when my pamper sessions roll around, lol. 


Don't forget to end your night early with a full night's rest. Feel free to sleep in a little, find a cute funky eye mask to wear so the sunlight won't wake you the next morning. I promise you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on anything the next day. 

What are some of your favorite at home paper session activities? 


Melisa Chanel