With this post I can finally say I'm a "sneaker head," well kind of. I mean it's just something about purchasing a fresh pair of classic sneakers that I can't get enough of.  I own over 50 pairs of sneakers, if not more (crazy, I know). My favorite are the Air Max 95's I'm pictured in above. As soon as I heard today was "Air Max Day" I knew it was time to take these babies out for a spin. 


I decided to keep it super casual and paired my sneakers with  comfy sweats, a white tee, denim jacket, and camel coat


I've had these babies for about 3 years now and they get better with time! They're normally sold out EVERYWHERE so if you're able to get your hands on a pair, buy them...they're classic! 


Are you rocking a pair of Air Max today? Check out a few of my favs. 


P.S- Thanks Tamera for the random photo shoot with my Iphone 6. You're the best blogger bud ever. 


Melissa Chanel 


My Travel Diary: Austin, TX


Here I am, registered and ready to take on the first day of SXSW! After getting the hang of the conference locations and hotels, I was pretty much a local. 


My favorite part of SXSW was definitely the Cosmo Style Lab, sooo many connections were made in that one room! I even ran into someone that reads my blog and  my blogger boo Zoe, it's always great seeing familiar faces. I was able to chat with Stacy London, who told me I reminder her of Stacy Dash (it's the eyes), and gave me really great styling tips.  Joe Zee's face was also in the place and after catching him for a quick picture  he told me about an upcoming session he was hosting with THE Eva Chen, couldn't miss that as you can see. 


Austin had the most AH-MAZING weather, I mean anything is better than NYC's weather right now. I met the one and only Cookie Monster, got the inside scoop on the life of a pedicab driver, learned all about real- time marketing and crafting post from Buzzfeed's CEO, and ran across some really dope art. (I think I'm becoming one of those, I like art type girls).


I couldn't leave Austin without seeing my old colleague Caroline, eating some good ole bbq, trying some of the local beer (Live Oak Hefeweizen to be exact), and a Big Red (it's a Texas thing). 

And we made room for a little fun, I even rode a bull for the first time! 


Things I learned on this trip: 

  • Sometimes you'll find networking is better than attending a panel put on by experts. 
  • Always be memorable ( I was known as the jumpsuit queen). 
  • I will always run into someone that know's my best friend Trell.
  • Drunk team outings are the best, lol! (see photo above) 
  • I am doing a great job and headed in the right direction when it comes to working in the social media world. It's always great to have confirmation from other brands doing great. 
  • People really read my blog! (I met two people that follow my blog, like people really read my stuff, lol). 
  • And I'm thankful for great teammates like Janna and Kayla that were willing to take pictures of me for the blog.

Until next time, 





SXSW: The Look

I'm finally back from an amazing SXSW experience and can't wait to share it all with YOU! Before I left I went into a panic trying to decide what I should take with me  and after reading tons of blogs and articles I finally figured out comfort was the only option. Many bloggers suggested flats, cowboy boots, I mean it is Texas, and even sneakers. I chose to go with both sneakers and flat boots!

First, let me tell you, my Pumas made me feel as if I was walking on clouds and I wore them 5 out of the 6 days we were in Austin (obsessed much?!). I will be purchasing another pair soon, I'm sure. Austin's SXSW fashion was like a walking Urban Outfitters store, literally. Hipster, comfy, boho...I was here for it. 

Here's a look inside my SXSW style. 

Saturday was our first day in Austin. The weather was amazing, but conference rooms were cold so I opted for my boyfriend white button up, some H&M skinny pants, and a pair of sneakers.


Sunday called for a denim jumpsuit. The weather kept getting prettier, I literally carried my jacked in my purse the whole weekend, that never happens in New York. I loved this jumpsuit from the Gap, comfortable and stylish and of course I couldn't keep these Pumas off my feet. 


Monday, yes another jumpsuit! They were so easy to pack and I instantly became the jumpsuit queen by the girls in the Cosmo Style Lab.  I styled this same jumper HERE, but this time dressed it down. Which do you like better? 


And on Tuesday, we wore dresses! This is another item i'd previously styled for the blog in a similar way HERE. The weather was beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better day to pull this dress out. 


Wednesday, on the road again with a day full of flights. Leggings and a denim tops, always the go to. 


Austin was fun and the weather made my experience even better! I'll be recapping my whole SXSW experience soon so stay tuned... 

P.S. - Huge shout out to my work ride or dies Janna and Kayla for snapping all of my photos. I have the best TEAM EVER. :-)



SXSW: What To Pack


Graphic designed by: MTC

Tonight I'll be packing my bags and taking my talents to Austin, Texas for their infamous SXSW interactive conference! I'm smiling from ear to ear as I write this post for two reasons, one being that Texas has always been on my travel list and second it was a surprise from THE BEST BOSS EVER. I'm so excited to learn more about my craft, meet new people, have fun, and explore Texas. I've been at work all week googling what to pack for SXSW and finally came up with a list to share with all my first timers. 

Gadgets (I mean, what social media guru leaves home without them?!) 

  • Cell phone & charger
  • Ipad & charger (I'm letting my Macbook sit this one out!)
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Camera (It's the blogger in me.)


  • Jacket (I heard the days are warm and nights are pretty chilly.) 
  • Sneakers (Lots of walking, you need to be comfy.) 
  • Blazer, t-shirts 
  • Flats (I mean who has time to walk around in heels all day, not me!?)
  • Bookbag or large purse (gifts, freebies, and all your gadgets need a home.)  


  • Business cards
  • Notebook 
  • Bottle water
  • Snacks (idk about yall, but your girl gets hungry)
  • Mints (lots of talking and networking) 
  • Toiletries (I mean, I didn't have to tell you that...right!) 

Yup, I think we're good to go. 

Tips from others..

  • Schedules are meant to be broken 
  • Be comfortable  
  • Meet new people 
  • Take notes
  • Just take it all in

Hope this helps everyone attending! I'll be checking in and posting some of my outfits and fun activities on the blog throughout next week. Now let me go pack...

P.S. - If you're attending or have attended this conference before and have tips share with us newbies! 




My Travel Diary: Nassau & Turks


If you follow me on Instagram you already know Thursday around 2pm I landed in paradise. This year I made a vow to travel more and not collect things anymore, but experiences. First trip, Nassau to help my best friend/big sis of over 10 years celebrate her 31st birthday. Of course we started the trip off with a car selfies, I mean...why not!? 


First stop, Goldies for some yummy conch salad and local beer. 

Sidebar: I love traveling, but I hate flying. I get really bad anxiety and have awful thoughts.  So when I got the news about our surprise trip to Turks I was excited and scared at the same damn time, lol! 


Turks is the most  BEAUTIFUL place I've visited thus far,  I mean breathtakingly gorgeous! I really couldn't get over the view and felt myself gazing into the sky and wondering, is this really my life right now. I just couldn't get over the pretty blue, clear water and the amazing views. 

Here are a few snapshots of how I spent most of my time. 

IMG_7002 (1).JPG

The weather was perfect, well anything is pretty much better than NYC right now. High 70's which was cool for them, but AH-MAZING for me. The water wasn't as warm as I would've liked, but I was cool with that. 

I kept my outfits pretty simple, relaxed, but fun. Here's a peek...

And the gold platform sandals, buy them


Terri had the most amazing birthday ever, a smile was on her face the whole time and that's all I wanted! She loved her gift by the way, her first Alex & Ani bracelet for her, she has best and I have friends..are we too old for this?! Oh well, lol. 

IMG_7169 (1).JPG

Things I learned on this trip:

  • Sometimes you have to just go with the flow. 
  • Trying local beer is my new thing and I'll be doing this more during my travels. (If you ever travel to Bahamas try the Kalik and Turks, the Turks Head, AH-MAZING.)
  • Packing light wasn't so hard after all.
  • Take time to just stop and enjoy the beauty around you.
  • Protective styling on vacay is the way to go, who has time to twist when you're enjoying life. 
  • Last but not least, turn your phone data off ... $500 in fees is not worth it! (I called and got it reduced to $30 bucks, whew.) 

Kisses, until next time! 

IMG_7314 (1).JPG

P.S. - If you like my travel diary let me know and we'll make it our new thing, cool?!