It's my birthday and I do whatever I want to, right? While you're reading this I'm somewhere enjoying the loved MIAMI (I'm in MIAMI BISH)! I decided to come down to celebrate my 29th birthday along with my cousins 30th bday, it's nothing like having fun and enjoying family. 


I honestly can not believe I'm the big 2-9, like one from 30th, YIKES! My birthday is smack dab in the middle of me moving from NYC to NC and starting a new gig. I'm excited, nervous, happy, sad, and any other emotion you could probably imagine all wrapped in one. 


Going back reading THIS, just getting settled in NYC and living a dream come true to now, I now see how much I've grown over ONE year. 28 was filled with a lot of uncertainty with a little heart break added in. I learned so much about myself, what I wanted out of life, and where I was going.  I had to make some big decision when I was 28, but I'm so excited about the BIGGER decisions I'll be making at 29. Life is all about living and learning and I plain on spending mine doing just that. 

Photography by: Bryce


So here's to 29 (or Twenty FINE), a year full of learning, loving, traveling, owning, and being a boss. I'm walking away from 28 happy and only looking back to smile.


I decided to make a "last year of my 20's" bucket list. I can't wait to scratch some of these things off on the road to 30. 

Here's the start of the "Last year of my 20's" Bucket List: 

  1. Cross country road trip
  2. Visit Disney World
  3. On track to working for myself (business plan, etc)
  4. Take a sewing class 
  5. Visit Paris 
  6. Take a make up class
  7. Teach a social media 101 class
  8. Take a cooking class (I need to to learn as much as I can in this area) 
  9. Sky Dive
  10. Read one book a month
  11. Write a book/guide

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Melissa Chanel

Orange Crush


I remember buying this shirt 3 years ago and it's still fits like somewhat of a glove, lol! I've been having the best time shopping my closet lately and staying out of the stores. 


Also while shopping my closet I found one of my favorite pairs of jeans. I've always struggled when it comes to finding jeans, but GAP has become one of my favorite spots to find them. They're long enough and fit me well in the waist area. 

Tops: F21 (super old) | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) | Clutch: LoveCortnie | Sunnies: Raybans

Photography by: Bryce


How often do you shop your closet? You never know what you have until you go through everything. 


Melissa Chanel

Happy 4th Blogaversary, Melissa Chanel


Blowing my virtual confetti on all of you! I can't believe I've been blogging for 4 whole years today. This journey has been amazing. I've met sooo many people, gained tons of inspiration, and worked my butt off. I'm so thankful for my following and amazing partnerships I've had over the year.  This past year has been my most successful year yet and I'm praying for even more success in the years to come. 

Photography by: Bryce


I'm currently packing up my NYC life and heading to Charlotte, all about it check it out HERE and my birthday is on Friday. Do we have a lot to celebrate or what? I'm closing one chapter, entering the last year of my twenties, and starting a new chapter in a kinda new city. I have tons of emotions going on right now but I'm so excited and ready for it all. 


Thank you all for rocking with me over the years and being patient while I grow in life and the blogging world. This 4th year is going to be one for the record books, I can feel it. I'm so excited to be living my dream and learning on the way. I remember I wrote a few blog goals last year, so i'll give it another shot this year. 

New Year Blog Goals: 

  1. Get through emails daily 
  2. Confirm one magazine feature 
  3. Team up with brands for giveaways
  4. Turn part time (which feels like full-time) blogging into full time
  5. More events
  6. Post everyday 
  7. Add services
  8. Finish my style guide 
  9. Partner with other bloggers
  10. Start a season series 

Thank you again for all the support, love, and inspiration! 


Melissa Chanel


It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

nyc statue of liberty.png

I've been avoiding this blog post for a few days now, but if you follow me on social media you probably already know what I'm about to say. This has probably been the hardest 2 and a half weeks of my life, making a really tough life decision in such a short time isn't easy.

New York City has been my home for the last 2 and a half years! I've been spat on, yelled at, cursed out, you name's happened to me, but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world. I came to New York a young, confused country girl from South Carolina, but I'm leaving this amazing city a mature woman that knows exactly what she wants out of life.


I've met so many amazing people and formed friendships that will last a lifetime. I've stayed out many days/nights dancing until the sun was up, partying on rooftops, crying as I walked home from stressful days at work, earning my street cred (I lived in the TRAP, I was the TRAP QUEEN), starting a weekly "Girls Night" with my friend Janna, attending events, meeting celebrities, finding my blog photographer (that I will fly to my new city for photos, he's not getting off that easy), and the list goes on. 

nyc brooklyn.png

There are sooo many things I will miss about NYC, like this amazing view in Brooklyn Bridge Park, my friends that are now like family, random trips, the convenience of EVERYTHING (this is good and bad), the food, the fashion, the inspiration.. O-M-G, I'm getting anxiety just writing this out, like want to leave all this.  But there are also things I won't miss like the rats that are the size of ME, the expensive *bleep* NYC rent (you don't even want to know), DATING (blah), and getting called names on the street when I don't give guys my number, lol. 

nyc buildings.png

Change is good right? I'll be 29 years-old in T-minus 7 days, I'll be living in a new city (kinda), and starting a new job. Life can't get any better than that, I'm convinced. New York has molded me into the woman I am today and I can never in a million years thank her. This was exactly where I needed to be and it all happened exactly when it was suppose to happen. I would also like to thank all my NYC family and Janna because if it weren't for you guys I wouldn't have been able to live out this experience. Oh yea, thanks to Trell as well for the random call almost three years ago telling me "we're moving to NYC," lol. Thanks for always and I mean ALWAYS pushing me outside of my comfort zone, Trell. 

Well with all that being said, I'm taking my talents to Charlotte, NC! I'm so excited to be closer to my family and friends I've grown up with. I know you're probably saying wait, that's not a new city you've lived in Charlotte before. Yes, I have but this will be a totally different experience for me. I moved to Charlotte fresh out of college with no clue as to what I wanted, but now I am a mature grown single (yeah about that, lol) adult living my dreams. So this go around is going to be a little different.

Charlotte, are you ready for me? 


Melissa Chanel 



Bad Hair Day

We've all had those days where our hair just don't do right. Well I'm here to save the day with this look. I grabbed my old faitherful H&M scarf, tied it around my head and just like that all my hair worries were gone.  


Throw on your outfit and a pair of sunglasses and you're out the door.  I went with a romper with my white converse...because comfort. 


Romper: Old Navy (sold out) | Shoes: Converse| Scarf: H&M (sold out) | Bag: Shop Prima Donna | Sunnies: Shop Prima Donna 


How many of you rock scarves all the time? I even wore mine to work one day, everyone loved it! 

Photography: Bryce  


Xoxo, Β 

Melissa Chanel