Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Kit


As many of you may already know, I'm new to this whole makeup thing! But this new Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Kit has put your girl on a whole new level. This kit is super EASY to use!  With this palette of blendable powders in universal shades to match your skin tone, you're able to define your cheekbones, perfect your nose and sculpt your jawline. There are three powders to contour, bronze and highlight that comes with an angled contour brush. Really, it can’t get any better than this!

IMG_9793 (1).JPG

They even included this #ShapeMatters insert with how-tos for your face shape. You guys don't understand how helpful this was, I needed every bit of this information since I'm still new to the make up scene. After reading it over, I was able to figure out that I have more of an oval face. So I played around with the kit, read over the insert, and watched a couple YouTube videos before I test the waters.

 Ready for the results? 


My makeup is set and I'm ready to contour. Please excuse my bonnet, but I'm just being real with you guys, lol. Who applies makeup with hair all in their face, not me! Haha


I was running behind so I had to snap a quick car selfie, but I can see it guys! I can see the shadow on my jaw, lol. I think I did it correctly. I didn't apply much because I'm a newby at all of this stuff, but I'm satisfied with my results. I only used the contour on my cheeks. 

I think this kit is a must have so if you've been thinking about it or have extra coins, go out and purchase the Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Kit ...NOW! 


Also, this kit was designed for deeper skin tons…. talk about WINNING! I'm so excited to try the highlight and bronzer as well in the next few weeks or so as I get more comfy with using the kit. 

What do you use to contour? If you were on the fence about this kit, jump on it! 



I recieved compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored all opinons are my own.

Camo Dreamin'


Camo is almost like a neutral. You can pair it with denim, black, camel, red...the list goes on. I get in these moods where I want to wear camo everything, it's a Southern thing. 


Top: H&M | Jeans: H&M | Booties: Steve Madden (old) | Jacket: Gap  


This is the perfect weekend outfit! This shirt was so long I could probably wear it as a dress with over the knee socks and boots, stay tuned for that. 

photography by: Akia & Co 


How are you incorporating camo into your wardrobe? 


Melissa Chanel  

My Favorite Fall Accessory


When dressing for warmth it's normally all about the accessories or outter wear because your outfit is fully covered. We all know the cold days are near, but for right now my favorite accessory has been this H&M Moto Jacket. I can't leave home without it. 

Dress: Forever21 | Moto: H&M (similar)| Boots: Shop Prima Donna | Purse: Shop Prima Donna 


Photography by: Akia & Co

This H&M moto adds so much structure to a look and if you don't have one in your should! 


This jacket really has been a staple in my wardrobe and I plan on getting a ton of wear out of it going into the winter by layering with thicker sweaters, scarves, and coats. 

What's your favorite fall accessory? 


Melissa Chanel

MY Everyday Face

IMG_9185 (1).JPG

Let's talk makeup. I am no where near a makeup guru, but I know what I like and what works best for me. During the work week when I am wearing make up I like to keep it light. Maybe you're just like me or you're looking for items to use so I decided why not share my everyday face with you guys! 


I like to dab this on my dark areas and smooth it out with my finger. Normally this is all I use on the weekend's when I'm trying to give my face a break. 


I'm a mac girl, if you can't tell by the photo. This was the first line I was introduced to when I started wearing make up as an adult and I love it. I sometimes play around with Bare Minerals liquid foundation as well.  

Eyebrow Pencil 

This eyebrow pencil is the BUSINESS! I don't need much filling so I lightly brush my eyebrows and they're instantly fleeked out, as the kids say..haha. I really can't leave home without this pencil. 

Brow Set/Gel

After filling in my brows I like to make sure they're set with a good brow gel. This is something else I was introduced to early on and I can't get enough of it. 


I recieved this Covergirl "The Super Sizer" mascara in a recent curlbox and it's my go to. I even  put down my Too Faced and that was my all time fav! Reminder, don't sleep on the drugstore mascara. 


The fall/winter months are here and you know what that means right?! Dark, vampy lips are a must. I'm usually rocking my Sin, Cyber, or Diva this time of year but lately I've been hooked on Lady Danger. All by Mac of course, lol. 


I promise, I'm going to invest in some great bushes this holiday season. Right now I'm just using a target brush I've had for about two years. Any suggestions on a brush set? 

And that's about it guys. I don't really have time in the morning to put on eyeshadow or anything else. I usually put a little milk of magnesia as a primer so I won't get super oily throughout the day and that's about it. Yes, I said milk of magnesia, try it. 

I'd love to read what you use for your "everyday face," share it below. 


Melissa Chanel

Work With Melissa Chanel


Are you really understanding the whole social media world?

WOAH, I can't believe today makes 4 years that I've been working in the Social Media/Communications field and after giving this a lot of thought, (a year's worth of thought actually)... I'm finally ready to get started. In the next few week's I will be launching a "Work with MC" tab right here on my blog! On this tab, I will offer social media services for small businesses and blogs as well as some styling services. My goal is to help bloggers and small business understand social media and how it can help their brand as well as help the "everyday woman" find her personal style. If you don't know where to start, no worries... consultations, one on one's and audits will also be available as well. This will all be explained more once the tab goes live. I just couldn't keep it in and had to share, I can't wait to get started. 


Photography: Akia & Co

Wait, I haven't forgotten about all my ladies still searching for their personal style. The "Work With MC" tab will also have a section for closet revamps, personal styling/tips, and outfit creation. I want to make sure services are provided for all of my readers, no one get's left out here. 


Be on the lookout within the next few months for deals, as I prepare for a soft launch. I'm ready to let the world get a dose of "Working With MC!" 

Who's ready to work with me? 


Melissa Chanel