Working on my Fitness

Working on my Fitness

The gym? Work out? What's that?

I really do have a love/hate relationship with working out; I get excited and optimistic, then I get bummed because I'm so impatient and want results like ASAP. I mean, can't I just wake up with a body like Teyana Taylor, please? If you’ve been keeping up with MC, you’ll know that I found an awesome trainer here in Charlotte. She’s actually so much more than just a trainer; she’s whipping me into shape not only physically, but emotionally, too. If you didn’t catch her introduction in my previous post, here you go! (link)

So far, I've already had 4 sessions, which have been amazing. Taylor pushes me to make sure I'm comfortable but getting a great workout as well. Right now, we’re focusing on proper breathing techniques, posture (form is everything, and proper form prevents injury), and of course, eating habits. Am I struggling a bit? Yeah. Am I sore? HELL YEAH! But that means it’s working, right? I even did a push-up the other day. Personal record for me, ha!

As promised, I’m keeping it real with you guys every step of the way, so, here are my before picture. Taylor asked what I wanted to achieve, and I decided that I really need to tone and get rid of this extra belly fat I gained this past fall/winter. This muffin top has got to go. I can't wait to be able to show my after photos! 

Make sure you’re checking out my InstaStories and following me on Snapchat to see me in action working out. I get candid with you all about how I feel after workouts and share what I'm eating; that's gonna be the most important part of this workout journey (Remember: abs are made in the kitchen!).

Do you have any fitness goals? If so, share them below. Let's get these summer bodies ready! We don't have much time.