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Work With Melissa Chanel

Melissa Chanel2 Comments
Work With Melissa Chanel

Are you really understanding the whole social media world?

WOAH, I can't believe today makes 4 years that I've been working in the Social Media/Communications field and after giving this a lot of thought, (a year's worth of thought actually)... I'm finally ready to get started. In the next few week's I will be launching a "Work with MC" tab right here on my blog! On this tab, I will offer social media services for small businesses and blogs as well as some styling services. My goal is to help bloggers and small business understand social media and how it can help their brand as well as help the "everyday woman" find her personal style. If you don't know where to start, no worries... consultations, one on one's and audits will also be available as well. This will all be explained more once the tab goes live. I just couldn't keep it in and had to share, I can't wait to get started. 


Photography: Akia & Co

Wait, I haven't forgotten about all my ladies still searching for their personal style. The "Work With MC" tab will also have a section for closet revamps, personal styling/tips, and outfit creation. I want to make sure services are provided for all of my readers, no one get's left out here. 


Be on the lookout within the next few months for deals, as I prepare for a soft launch. I'm ready to let the world get a dose of "Working With MC!" 

Who's ready to work with me? 


Melissa Chanel