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WNHS Cantu Beauty Recap

Melissa ChanelComment
WNHS Cantu Beauty Recap

What a weekend! I’m finally back in Charlotte from Atlanta's World Natural Hair Show. As Cantu Beauty's National Ambassador, I attend these types of events to educate women on the brand's products (new & old), answer any questions they may have, and make people's day with exciting giveaways. 

The 2017 WNHS was LIT, guys. Like, literally. The Cantu booth was packed & the Cantu Crew (myself, Maria Antoinette, Lexi with the Curls, and Chime Edwards) was there in full effect. We received tons of questions, took photos with Team MC (thanks so much for stopping by, lovelies!), and my girl Maria Antoinette had the demo game on LOCK! 


As you know, Cantu released their new Refresh collection (if you need to “refresh” your memory, check out my post here), so we spent lots of time chatting it up with consumers about how much of a game-changer the line was. It includes three products: a Root Rinse, Root Relief, & Dry Co-Wash, and it was so much fun showing everyone how dope it was. If you still haven’t gotten your hands on the line, what are you waiting for?

The WNHS is always a great experience for me because I’m so passionate about educating women on the Cantu brand. It really feels like my baby, so I put so much energy into making sure everyone uses it properly, understands what works best for their hair, and has no trouble selecting their holy grail products from the wide variety Cantu has to offer. I also answer those burning questions so that they hopefully leave more confident about the future of their curls than before. Maria and I always tag team during her demos to get the crowd going, and we flip the script during the Q&A. We ask the questions, and if they get it right? They get full-size products. How freaking cool is that? We’re like the Oprah of the natural hair industry: You get a product! You get a product! You get a product! 

Of course, it’s a reunion of all my favorite blogger boos.You may have seen on my social media pages the pictures I’ve taken with my girl Dayna, Lexi, Chime, Maria, Romance, and Erica (I’m pretty sure I missed a few). It's always a good time at the Cantu booth, and between the people, the products, and the partying, time FLIES.

Okay, enough of me chatting. Check out these pictures to see us in action. 


If you're weren't able to attended this year, you missed out on a great show! Follow Cantu on Instagram to keep up with what where we’re headed next. I may be headed to a city near you! 

P.S.- If you follow me on Instagram you'll get to see a little more behind the scenes of this weekends festivites.


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