Weekend Recap: Rain & Sunday Funday

HAPPY MONDAY! My weekend was pretty chill and exciting. First, it rained ALL weekend in Charlotte and I enjoyed it by sleeping in both Saturday and Sunday. But let's talk about the Target loafers pictured above. These babies were waiting on me when I arrived home Friday evening, talk about starting the weekend off on a good note! 


Most of my Saturday was spent creating content for the blog. I sat in my bed and had a huge brainstorm session, I created an October content calendar and schedule tons of social media post. I'd have to say, it was a pretty productive day. Saturday is usually my movie day, yes I take myself on solo movie dates and if you don't ...try it! I headed downtown to the theater and they were sold out, it almost ruined my day, but I didn't let it. Instead, I met a friend for a smoothie  and spent a few hours catching up, laughing uncontrollably and gave each other great "love life" advice. 

Sunday is hair day, always. I usually wash my hair and prep it for the week, #naturalhairproblems..so that's exactly what I did. This week I used Kurlee Belle's awesome line.  I'm excited to get an upcoming protective style to give me a break from it all. Afro's are a lot of work, geesh. But this weekend instead of relaxing my Mom and I headed uptown Charlotte for the Carolina Panters game. The weather was pretty blah, but we were covered in one of the suites (thanks to my auntie) and we enjoyed the perfect Mother, Daughter outing. We laughed, cheered hard for the Panthers, yelled at the refs, and ate until we were literally about to  pop, lol! Yesterday was definitely a Sunday Funday to the 10th power! 

This weekend was pretty much perfect and I can't wait for the next one.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? I want to hear (well read) all about it.  


Melissa Chanel