Weekend Recap: Family, Food, & Fair Fun

Do you follow me on social media? If so, you already know how much fun I had this weekend. I love going back home to SC and visiting my family, eating good, and creating tons of memories. This weekend was no different from all the others, I celebrated my uncle's 60th brithday (Happy Birthday, Uncel Nay) with a big bash, enjoyed family time, and wrapped it up by visiting the South Carolina State Fair.

We were having so much fun I wasn't able to snap many photos, but I was able to capture a great photo of my uncle in the moment, a selfie (because I'm me), and a photo with my mini me. As you can tell I'm rocking a new hair style. My cousin hooked me up with some braids. Fall and Winter are the best time to rock projective styles. So if you're in the SC/NC area, follow her, she's super talented. After sleeping in Sunday morning (long night), my cousins and I all headed to the state fair. I was so excited because I've missed it the past two years living in NYC. I have so many memories of the state fair growing up. My friends and I spent hours finding the perfect outfit to wear and even matching sometimes. 


My weekend was perfect! I enjoyed time with my family and ate everything I could possibly fit in my stomach at the fair, lol.  How did you spend your weekend? 


Melissa Chanel