Weekend Recap: A little of NOTHING

Weekend Recap: A little of NOTHING

My weekend was filled with, absolutely nothing..HA! The hardest decision I made was the color of my nail polish and that was a hard decision. After my friend evening mani/pedi I headed home for a little rest and relaxation. AHHHH it felt good to have no plans at all. 


On Saturday, I worked or that's what I thought. As I preped adn brainstom ideas for the blog all of a sudden my interet went down. It's been raining in NC/SC for the past two weeks. SC got the worst of it and I'm so glad to know all my friends and family are safe. Some people lost EVERYTHING so I can deal with no internet for a few days. 


After church on Sunday I took myself on a movie date (The Intern was BOMB)  then went over to hang out with my aunt and cousin. We laid around and did nothing, but watch football all afternoon and that was perfectly fine with me. After finally deciding I needed to go home around 9pm, it was time to prep for Monday. After work today I will be headed to Atlanta to be apart of Family Dollar Fabulous with my Cantu Beauty family. I love working with Cantu, they're such an awesome brand and I get to see some of my curly girls. If you don't follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat (MelissaChanel1), you should  head over now and hit the follow button. I'll be sharing all things Family Dollar and Cantu for the next two days, don't miss out. 

How did you spend your weekend? 


Melissa Chanel