Weekend Recap: A Baby is Coming

A baby is coming and no, it's not mine! My cousin/best friend is having her second little one and I'm soo excited. She called me up and told me all about her festive baby shower idea (she's super creative) and I couldn't wait to see it all come to life. Our other bestie, Vickie came down from Charleston and Saturday afternoon we got started on Shauntae's vision.

Items needed for festive baby shower: 

  1. Pumpkins, lots of them. 
  2. Fall-inspired flowers
  3. Fun pumpkin inspired games
  4. Fall-inspired sweets 
  5. And creative friends

I think my favorite part of the shower was the pumpkin decorating contest! All of my cousins friend's were so creative, we couldn't decide on just one pumpkin so everyone received a gift. Shauntae opened gifts, we laughed, talked, and just enjoyed a fun filled day with the girls. We didn't even snap a lot of photos because we were too busy enjoying the moment. 


Congrats, Shauntae! I can't wait to love up on Jace and thanks for the baby fever, HA. 

How did you spend your weekend? 



Melissa Chanel