Weekend Recap

HAPPY MONDAY! Well it's really Tuesday, but it sure does feel like a Monday. I was excited for the long weekend after recently celebrating a month at the new gig. I've been learning so much and I couldn't wait to relax from it all, kinda. Bryce came in town and before the weekend was filled with blog shooting I made a stop at my favorite salon, Revolution Ego. It was time that Jessica (my stylist) prepped my hair for Fall. Yes, the blonde was short lived but I'm sure we'll do something similar next summer. I'm a brunette now! If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen photos, but I promise to chat about it in full detail on the blog soon. 

 I was sooo excited to get a piece of my NYC life here in Charlotte with Bryce coming to town. I couldn't wait to show him around town and catch up. Of course we had blog business to take care of, but that doesn't mean we couldn't mix in some FUN. I took him to a few of my favorite spots in Charlotte, one being NODA! He loved it and said about a thousand times, "Melissa, this is the area you need to live in. I can see you here!" I have to be honest, I agree with him. We took our time exploring and finding cute spots to shoot then of course it was time for lunch. I love that Bryce isn't a picky eater, we headed straight to  Boudreaux's for an amazing Louisiana cuisine. 


Y-U-M, the shrimp and grits were everything! Even though I didn't get a beignet, the food and drinks made me a happy girl. 

This weekend was filled with fun, work, more fun, and more work, haha! I was able to meet some new people (Bryce has amazing friends in the area), support a blogger friend at his event, eat GOOD, attend a wedding or shall I say crash (I didn't know anyone except Bryce), and enjoy qt with my family. I mean, I couldn't have wished for a better way to spend a long weekend. See for yourself....

IMG_6487 (1).JPG

Have you noticed how all the larger pictures have to do with  FOOD? HA, you can tell what I loved doing most over the week! I enjoyed exploring Charlotte and finding all of the local spots I loved when I lived here over 3 years ago. Excited to explore more this coming weekend. 

How did you spend your Labor Day Weekend? 


Melissa Chanel