Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, I guess! Me and Monday's don't really get along, but whatevs. I had an ah-mazing weekend, my mom and aunt came up to NYC to visit their baby girl. We did EVERYTHING under the sun and I'm super tired, but it was so worth it. Friday we walked the Brooklyn Bridge as you can see above and it was a total different experience than when I biked across it last weekend. I was able to take it all in, see a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty and think, WOW I live her for the hundredth time. 


Shopping and few selfies later, we ended up at Burger and Lobster. It was a hit and they loved it, of course. I went with the lobster roll, it's my go to...so yummy! And check out the art, I saw it in Harlem on 116 with 1% battery, GOD IS GOOD because I was able to get the perfect shot. 


After putting my mom and aunt on the first M60 smoking Sunday evening, I met up with my blogger boo Janae Raquel for drinks and dinner. We had tons of fun & lots of laughs.  She introduced me to the selfie stick and I pretty much took it over. Soooo it's official I'm buying one, HA. You'll be seeing a lot more of us...STAY TUNED. 

Tons of my IG followers have asked about my "swim suit," lol. It was gifted to me by my sissy, I promise to find out where she got it from soon. I decided to wear it as a top with my favorite pair of jeans from F21 (they're like 6 years old) and my fake Birks from H&M. I wore the jeans ALL weekend, scroll up to my Friday outfit and you'll see. I forgot how much I loved them and couldn't take them off. It's like that sometime, HA. 

Who else had fun this weekend?