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Travel Diary & More: Dallas, TX

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Travel Diary & More: Dallas, TX

Hey y'all! I know it's been a minute but your girl has been doing the most! As many of you know I'm now Cantu's National Ambassador and with that comes tons of travel educating consumers about the brand and teaching along the way. This past weekend my girl Maria Antoinette ( Cantu's Global Hairstylist) and I took our talents to Dallas, TX!


We kicked off our trip with a fun day at the Texas State Fair. Let me just say, everything really is bigger in Texas! 


We were in town for not one but TWO events. The first one was the Sally Beauty Executive Influencer Summit. We had our Cantu booth set and couldn't wait to meet all the district managers, store managers, influencers and more. We played some really fun games and let me tell you Sally Beauty knows their stuff when it comes to Cantu! Everyone went away with a prize. We really enjoyed their feedback and learning what the consumers look for when coming into the stores! Fun times, like always.


They even held a brunch on Sunday and brought everyone together! I mean executives, influencers, name it. The brunch panel was more than amazing. I learned so much and literally took notes. Maria and I even shared our very own beauty obsessions. And wait, did someone say shopping?! If you follow me on Snapchat (MelissaChanel1) you saw that the Sally team took care of us. We shopped until we dropped and ended up shipping a box of goodies home. So look for the unboxing in a future post.


Whew. Next up, Bella Kinks! Yes, we were in town for not one, but two events! If you missed the Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo, then you missed out on a treat. From the dinner, to the bloggers lounge, the panels, and the shopping...O.M.G! Friday night we attended the welcome Royalty dinner where we danced, ate, and chatted with other bloggers and beauty business owners. Maria even tied our Gele's so we'd be in theme. My feet still hurt from dancing.


Saturday came and it was time for the blogger lounge. This was where we got to hang out and network with other fellow bloggers! Listen ladies, we're stronger together never forget that. It's always great to throw ideas off of other blogger friends and even partner with them for fun giveaways, events, and more. It was great to meet new bloggers, give advice, get advice, and catch up with my blogger boo's I hadn't seen in a while. We danced and danced and snapped pictures and danced some more, lol. Great times and tons of laughs.


Gosh we're at Sunday already huh?! This weekend flew by. Busy, but lots of fun. Maria and I left the Sally brunch relaxed for a few and it was time to head over to the expo for our workshop. Yes, we had our very own Cracking The Curly Code Workshop where we discussed and educated our audience on the Cantu brand, how to use different products, detangling, washing vs cowashing, I mean you name it, we discussed it. We're still getting messages on social media thanking us. It's always great when we can help someone else who may not know exactly how to use certain products or are looking for new hair care regimens!


Exploring Dallas was on our list so we decided to stay until Monday evening. We caught up with our girl Sumetra (Dallas Native) for lunch and she took us to some fun spots for photos.


I know, I know. That was a lot right? But I wouldn't have it any other way. I really enjoy helping other woman in any way that I can and it makes me even happier that I get to do it for a living.


 P.S. - Sending a huge S/o to Mazda and Drive Shop for hooking us up with the CX5! This car was a lifesaver as we drove from one end of Dallas to the next. The ride, the gas, and the navagation got us through the weekend! 

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