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Travel Diary: Los Angeles, California

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Travel Diary: Los Angeles, California

It's time to pack those bags again, this time, we're headed to LA! If you're a follower of my Instagram page you already know I took my talents to Cali for a few days last week. This trip was totally random and not in my plans, but when your best friend tells you to pack your bags, you pack them. This was my first time traveling to Los Angeles so I couldn't wait to land and explore. I was told by a few friends that I would fall in love with it and I did just that. My best friend Trell was the best tour guide ever and I was able to wander around the streets of Hollywood alone. After having a super busy first day helping Trell with a work event, we decided to crash because early that next morning we would be hitting Runyon Canyon Park. I had already seen hundreds of photos of my friends and some of my Instagram favorites at the top of Runyon and couldn't wait to experience it for myself. Let me tell you, the view....breathtaking! 

Conquering Runyon had to be the scariest thing I'd ever done, but seeing the view was well worth it! Trell had to give me a few pep talks because I was so afraid of my foot slipping and little ole Melissa tumbling down that rocky hill, lol. He took breaks with me, laughed at me (haha), and snapped some amazing photos for me. But that's what best friends are for right?! Thanks, Trell. Runyon, eat my dust! 

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Next up was a day full of exploring with our good friend Jarret, who took us EVERYWHERE! I was able to see all the hot spots, check out a few sneaker boutiques (because I love sneakers), head over to Beverly Hills because Rodeo Drive..DUH and fill my tummy with good food. Wait, let me take a few steps tummy was filled with some amazing seafood only after I caught a headache and Jarret told me ..."This is LA baby, Pretty Hurts!" He then stopped me by the local Trader Joe's for some watermelon and pineapple slices, HA. I love my friends. 

That was such a fun but FULL day! I was also able to see Venice, but it dark so I really didn't see much of anything. Next time I'll make sure to explore during the day to get the full effect. The next day, which as Friday... I took Trell's advice and explored Hollywood Blvd while he was out at work meetings. This was the first time I'd EVER explored a new city ALONE. I was super nervous but thought what the heck. Again, I'm so glad to have such a great friend like Trell who ALWAYS pushes me out of my comfort zone. I was able to do a little shopping, snap all the photos I wanted, and explore without worrying about someone else's time and gosh darn felt good! 


That was fun, right?! I was so excited to see all the stars and place my hands in their prints. It was such a cool experience. Hollywood Blvd reminds me a little of New York's Time Square, weird at times but full of excitement!  The LA weather was so tricky, I'm glad I packed long sleeves because it was warm one second and chilly the next. The day didn't stop there. Next up was the Staples Center, you know the home of some of the basketball greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ervin "Magic" Johnson, and Kobe Bryant. I have to say this, I'm not a huge Kobe Bryant fan, but I was excited to be in the place because we'll never see him play again after this year.


My last day was spent with my blogger bestie turned good friend, Vic of Vic Styles! I was so excited to meet up with Vic and catch up on LIFE. It's so crazy how you connect with people through social media and they become your friend in REAL LIFE! I'm so thankful to have a friend like Vic. If you saw us hanging out on Saturday you would've sworn we'd been friends since childhood and not two bloggers who met on Twitter, haha. Vic and I met up at Paul Smith's to take pictures against the infamous pink wall after that it was time for a much-needed lunch break and let me tell you it was YUMMY! Vic decided to take me to Bossa Nova and I swear this place had some of the best food EVER. If you're local or in town visiting check it out, I promise you won't regret it. The pink wall became a whole photo shoot because ummm we're bloggers! I'll share more photos from that tomorrow. 

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Are you ready for a few things I learned while in LA? 

  1. Travel, often! 
  2. It's okay to explore alone as long as you're paying attention to your surroundings. 
  3. I really have the most amazing friends on Earth! 
  4. Vic is EVERYTHING in person just like she is online, lol. 
  5. It's LA baby, pretty hurts! HAHA, true. Everyone is either working out or drinking a green juice. 
  6. The W has to be the best hotel EVER! 
  7. I really get my way when I blink my eyes slowly, lol. (S/O to The W's security)
  8. It's always great to be pushed out of your comfort zone.
  9. LA's weather is tricky. 
  10. The West coast might just be the best coast!
  11. I can pack for 3.5 days in a small bookbag. 

I'm ready to head back to LA like NOW! I still have so many places to see and things to do. Hopefully, later this summer I'll be able to check out Santa Monica, Venice (in the day time), and Laguna Beach. I'm such a beach bum and I must experience it, LA style. 

Until next time! 


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