Tom's Deodorant Review

Tom's Deodorant Review

When I shared my "What's in My Bag" last week I promised I'd be back with a Tom's deodorant review so here I am. I've gone back and forth with the idea of trying a natural deodorant for a few months now, but always worried about the hold. It took me FOREVER to find a deodorant to hold me all day because I'm one of those girls that sweat, a lot. When I find things that work I usually just stick with it and my deodorant choice was one of those things I stuck with.

But, it looks like things have changed. I'm a Tom's girl, for now! What makes it so special? Well, here's the run down.

  1. No animal testing or animal ingredients
  2. No artificial colors, flavors, fragrance, or preservatives
  3. Aluminum FREE

I'm slowly changing to a more healthy/clean way of life and along the way I've found out that it's not only about what you put into your body, but also what you put ON your body. All those crazy chemicals shouldn't be absorbed into your skin just like they shouldn't go into your mouth and body. So I started with my deodorant. 


  1. I love that it's not strongly scented. 
  2. I don't sweat any more or less since I've started using this deodorant. 
  3. It holds me pretty  much all day depending on my activity level. 
  4. It's inexpensive, $4.99. 
  5. I can find it at my local target. 
  6. Again, NO aluminum. 

I don't really have any cons when it comes to using Tom's. It's pretty much everything I've expected and more. I will say since the start I've always kept my Tom's in my purse. I also keep a clean up towel on me just in case I need to freshen up and reapply throughout the day. If I'm at home I'm usually good. If I head out for a day full of activities I usually head to the bathroom around midday to clean my underarm area and reapply my deodorant. I don't have a problem doing this to make sure I'm "April fresh" throughout the day.  


Have you tried Tom's or any other natural deodorant (I'm open to try different brands as well)? If so, share any tips/types that helped you on your journey. 


Melissa Chanel