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Throwback Thursday: R&R With Sea Watch Resort

Melissa ChanelComment
Throwback Thursday: R&R With Sea Watch Resort

Since becoming an entrepreneur, there are a few things I’ve learned to be true:

  1. Not having to set an alarm really is the best thing ever.
  2. Buying sneakers every other month really adds up.
  3. Working in your pajamas for the 4th day in a row will actually drive you a little crazy. 

That last one is so real for me, y’all. As much as I enjoy not having to clock into a 9-5, it’s so easy to get comfy at home, sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap and a cold Strawberita in my glass. I decided that in order for me to live like a true boss, I’d have to ditch the pajamas, get dolled up, and get out of the house! I feel so much better when I'm putting forth extra effort for myself and my brand, and that includes never getting too comfortable sitting in the house all week. I now make an effort to visit different coffee shops around Charlotte, and every now and then, I take it up a notch and leave town altogether. 

This past weekend I went up to NYC, and setting up a little mini office there really reminded me of how important it is to get out and change your surroundings in order to feel refreshed and have new ideas. Whether you’re a blogger, a CEO, or just have a little passion project you do on the side, you never know how creative you can be until you switch it up and get out of the house. Today's #ThrowbackThursday, and I got to reflecting about all the mini vacays I’ve taken in order to get inspired to create great content for you guys. One of my favorites, is the Sea Watch Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC


I used this particular vacation to clear my head and brainstorm ideas for 2017. I worked from an amazing hotel balcony with an unreal view of the ocean and created a content calendar for the upcoming months with the sound of the ocean as my work soundtrack. (It sounds a little too good to be true, I know, but it really was this incredible.) Not only did I get work done, but I got tons of uninterrupted sleep in the comfy hotel bed. 


The best parts of my entire trip were the hotel amenities. In between work sessions, I headed down to walk along the beach, which was right downstairs, worked poolside at the resort’s huge pool, and set up shop by their famous Tiki Bar. They even had a delicious breakfast buffet with made-to-order omelettes and all of the breakfast classics; nope, I’m not ashamed at how much I ate, haha! Overall, I loved how friendly everyone was, from the hotel staff to the other vacationers. I honestly could not have asked for a better, more enjoyable, and more affordable resort for a few days of some good R&R. 


Give them a try, and tell them Melissa Chanel sent you!