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Think Big

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Think Big

Welcome to Paul Smith's & the infamous pink "wall" I was telling you guys about in my last travel diary post. I had come across tons of bloggers posting outfit pictures to Instagram in front of this amazing pink wall so I had to stop by. After meeting Vic for lunch on Thursday, we made plans to meet at the "pink wall" on Saturday before I headed to the airport. I really couldn't believe how many people were standing outside of this store when I arrived. They literally have security guards posted outside to make sure traffic can get by and to help control the crowd, crazy! Vic and I made our way through and were able to snag some amazing photos. I played her photographer for the day and she played mine because bloggers..haha! 


Did I mention how crazy the weather was in LA? Saturday morning I woke up early to catch my friend Jarett's kickboxing class and I wore a light jacket because it was pretty chilly! After getting dressed for the day I thought for sure I'd need to dress for the weather, NOT! By the time we out and snapping these photos sweat was pouring down my back, lol.


I also knew I'd be heading to the airport and traveling through the night so I wanted to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. By the way, these are my favorite jeans, I'm telling you now because you'll be seeing a lot more of them as I create outfits for the blog. 

Top: Zara | Jeans: H&M | Sneakers: Footlocker | Braids: SC Braider 


I may have been a little warm, but one thing is for sure, I  was super comfortable. I usually travel in leggings or some sort of sweatpants, but these babies will be a go to for sure!

IMG_5768 (1).JPG

Fun times! If you're in LA don't forget to stop by Paul Smith's for an amazing photo location. 

Until next time! 


Melissa Chanel