The Conversation Piece

The Conversation Piece

You know how you feel that first 75-degree day and you're officially in wardrobe restructuring mode? You pack up the sweaters and jackets and hop online in search of your new "spring wardrobe." Trust, we've all been there. In fact, I have at least 3 tabs open from my earlier browsing sessions. That'll be our little secret, k?

As I fill my shopping carts, I make sure to keep the "3 to 1 rule." For every three classic pieces I buy--good quality classic tees, solid color tanks and bodysuits, etc., I must buy one of what I call the "Conversation Piece." You know what those are: that dress that has the untraditional silhouette, those jeans that are SO unique they must be vintage or thrifted, or the top that has a color and cut that turns heads and MAKES the entire outfit. 

The Conversation Piece. 

"Oh girl, where do you shop for things like that?!" 

"OMG where did you get that?!"

For me, I love a good funky blouse that I can wear with the simplest pair of jeans, or some metallic platform shoes that'll look good with a shift dress. These are pieces you NEED! Why? Because they're easy to style. You can wear them over and over and still get looks from friends, family, and strangers. 


Zara and ASOS are my go-to's for my conversation pieces, like this amazing flared sleeve top with the bow tied back. Just when you think you love this blouse, I turn around and BAM. I bet you didn't see that bow coming, LOL.


Top: Zara (cute pink tops) | Jeans: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Zara (old, but these are cute)

Photography: Paige Winn Photos 

So that's what I mean when I say a good Conversation Piece. It's something that'll turn heads and unite fashion-lovers everywhere. Invest in something that'll stand the test of time and last for more than one season. I promise, you'll thank me! 


Are you ready to start a conversation this spring? What pieces are you thinking of adding to your closet?