The Best Spring Activities, as told by Kanye West

The Best Spring Activities, as told by Kanye West

Happy First Day of Spring!

Okay, can we pack up our coats now? I know I'm not the only one excited for the warm weather, so I thought , why not CELEBRATE?  I'm already running down the list of things I can do as soon as the weather breaks, so I figured I'd stop by here and run down the list with Team MC. And since I've been jammin' to Tidal's "The Best of Kanye West" playlist all morning, I figured I'd let his lyrics to guide our spring activity list. You ready, 'Ye?


Hair so long that it looks like weave, then she cut it all off, now she look like Eve. If your fall and winter were all about protective styling, then switch it up! Go into the new season with a fresh, fun new look! I get too scissor happy, always looking at new short cuts the minute my hair's seen even a few inches of growth. My friends are always so annoyed with how fast my hair grows and how eager I am to chop it all off, but I'm all about drastic changes. If you're feeling edgy, spend some time browsing Pinterest for some new cuts and styles to try. You'll thank me! 

Even if you're enjoying your newfound length, it's time to give your hair the TLC it needs. Kick off the new season with a new hair regimen and grab a few of your favorite hair care products from your local Target. Mine, of course, are Cantu's Deep Treatment Masque and Coconut Curling Cream, and my go-to style is a fresh twist out. I mean, we do want our hair to stay fly all spring long, right?! Set up a nice routine for yourself that makes styling quick and easy.

Go 'head, switch the style up.Transitional Pieces. Yes, we're ready to pack up our pea coats and bubble jackets, but don't forget to decide on a few transitional pieces that can work great in your spring wardrobe. Don't pack up that duster in the box labeled "DEAR WINTER, BYE FELICIA" just yet; shorts with a long duster is a super cute look to try out.

Do you own any thin, oversized sweaters? Keep those around, too! Pair them with your favorite pair of distressed denim, and you've got yourself a fly, effortless outfit.

Thanks to Kanye's Workout Plan, I'm the envy of all my friends. What's the saying? Summer bodies are made in the winter? Or maybe they're made in the spring. I think we should change it to "Summer bodies are attempted right when the first 90 degree day hits." We all said we'd get active in the winter so that by summer we could look our best, and if you fell off a bit (you're not alone), now is a better time than ever to get started.

Build your perfect playlist and hit the nearest park trail, or take a jog around the neighborhood. Join a local gym and take aerobic classes to make it fun. Whatever your workout of choice, get out and get active!

Find one of those "I Like Art" type girls. Museums are always a good idea. There's so much to learn when you dedicate a day to getting out and exploring the museums. Grab a friend, make a day of it, and slowly walk through the museum and read the history that's written beside each piece of art. Actually learn about the artists! You'll be surprised at how many more cultural references you'll notice in music and movies when you've been exposed to art from different eras and different artists. Plus, art takes you to a whole new world and opens you up to other cultures and world views when you let it. If you're in Charlotte, I love the Mint uptown and try to go every so often and get my art on. 

Grab a drink, grab a glass. Grab a girlfriend and head to a local roof top bar, catch up, and laugh the evening away. Spring is something to celebrate! Even if you're not a drinker, you can still hit the town and enjoy the view from a rooftop with a seltzer with cranberry and lime in hand. (It's delicious I promise.) I'm excited to check out City Lights Roof Top; doesn't it look fun?!  


I could go on and on about spring and fun things ways to celebrate; it's definitely my second favorite season (y'all know I'm a summer baby!). Plus there's certainly no shortage of Kanye lyrics to get me through it, LOL.

Check out my latest video Instagram to see what I'm up to today! If you're looking for more ways to jump into spring, check out last year's post

Happy Spring Y'all, and thanks, Ye!