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The Best Picnic Everr: Charlotte, NC Recap

Melissa ChanelComment
The Best Picnic Everr: Charlotte, NC Recap

On Saturday, I packed my picnic basket and headed to Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC for The Best Picnic Everr! This year Janae and I decided to do things a little different. Our schedules were super busy this summer so two picnics on the same day and at the same time was more doable. Cool right? We even called each other on facetime at 6pm so everyone could say hi. This was my first event in Charlotte since returning to live here last August and what a great turn out it was. My peeps at Cantu Beauty and Big Chop Hair were sponsors so everyone that attended received a goodie bag with samples. I was able to have 9 giveaways of full-sized Cantu Beauty products, bundles of Big Chop Hair, and a Gold 'n Hot blow dryer, so you can image the huge smiles that were on the faces of those in attendance. 

I was able to chat with my Charlotte followers, see some old faces, play tons of games, jump rope, and enjoy some family time. This picnic was perfect and I'm so thankful the weather was on my side. Ready to see the photos my brother (One Deep Photos) captured from Saturday's picnic? 


Here are two photo galleries filled with pics from Saturday. Click the arrow to the right to scroll through. 

And the winner is.......

Well, we had 9 winners! Here are 8 of them smiling with their goodies, (one got away).


Thank you soooooo much to everyone who came out and supported Janae and I on Saturday. I was so excited to meet all of you, chat, and hang out for a few. Great times, great times.... until next year! 



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