The Best Picnic Ever+R
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My blogger boo Janae and I packed our picnic baskets and headed to a fun filled day at Central Park on Sunday. We had so many awesome men and women come out to the Big Picnic Ever and we're forever grateful for all the support. After advertising on social media last week we literally BROKE THE INTERNET as far as RSVP's were concerned. If you couldn't make it, grab a blanket and your favorite's the virtual version. 

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 From a serious game of Uno and Twister to hula hooping and playing with bubbles it was a great way to relax and enjoy each other.  I seriously felt like a kid again. I even met some of my Sorors, it's always great chatting it up with them and I can't wait to hang  out soon. The weather was amazing and we found the perfect amount of shade so we wouldn't melt, lol. This picnic was literally THE BEST EVER! 

Are you done eating your snack yet because I have some great news. Volume 2 of The Best Picnic Ever is coming to Washington Square Park on Sunday, July 12th so RSVP  TODAY. Yup, this is officially our Summer "THING!" 


Can't wait to see you. 


Melissa Chanel