Sundress Season

Sundress Season

Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation...with spring, that is! It's time to pack away the sweaters and adorn your closets and dressers with the good stuff like skirts, shorts, tees, tanks, and my favorite, dresses! It's finally sundress weather, so you know what that means? I have the biggest smile on my face!  

My birthday is July 24th; I'm such a summer baby through and through, and I love every bit of it. As soon as the weather breaks and my allergies begin giving me a hard time, I know the good weather is on the way, LOL. In preparation for this lovely season change, I've been getting my closet in order, going through past seasons' items and transitioning my closet for spring. The key is to go through all of your clothing (Every. Single. Item.) and decide what comes with you into the next season and what you honestly won't wear again. My little cousins love this time of year because they get to stock up on all my old clothes. (See? Everybody wins with spring cleaning.)

As we welcome consecutive 75+ degree days and more sunny days than we can count, we've got to get prepared for sundress season (AKA the season men love the most, ha!). Legs out, toes done to perfection, beautiful dresses, I mean, what more could you ask for?! I'm already getting a head start on my spring wardrobe, and there are no shortage of the beloved and fabulous sundresses. If you need a little inspiration for your own wardrobe, look no further. 

photography by: Brandon Grate

This beautiful detailed dress is from H&M. I went back and forth about this one because of the price point, but after using a 15% discount and a gift card, I said, "why not?" I have 5 million weddings to attend this season, so this beaut is darling enough to turn heads but subtle enough to make sure all eyes are still fawning over the bride. Plus, it's another of those conversation pieces I mentioned a few posts back. Unfortunately it's currently out of stock, but if you remember my shopping tips from a few newsletters back (you are subscribed to MC Weekly, aren't you?) I say to ALWAYS revisit websites when an item you love is out of stock. So often they restock their supply, and customers are always returning items to the store. So, if you're committed to getting your hands on this dress, be prepared to spend $99. Once you put her on, you and your wallet will forget all about the splurge.

Outfit Details 

Dress: H&M | Shoes: Aldo (5 years old) | Purse: Klutch Me | Makeup: Voga Beauty 

I also fell in love with this Old Navy off-the-shoulder number after seeing my cousin wear it on Easter. It's the perfect sundress to wear casually, and of course it looks amazing when styled for a dressier occasion. I can already envision someone wearing it with cute heels/wedges or a pair of Stan Smith Adidas.

If you're in more of a relaxing mood, I'm all here for this flowy dress from Forever21. Who wants everything form-fitted when it's hot outside? I can certainly do without the inevitable thigh sweat from bodycons. Sometimes we just like to chill and breathe, and this dress is perfect for that. 

Okay. What happens when gingham and off-the-shoulder collide? The perfect sundress, that's what! I am in love with this Target dress that's right on trend for the season. 

Now that your shopping carts are full, I'm excited to see you all in your darling dresses! As always, make sure to tag me in your spring get-ups so I can see my fellow fashion fiends in action. ;-) 

P.S. - I am in LOVE with this caged clutch from Klutch Me. If you're thinking about ordering, head over now before they're gone! Make sure to tell the ladies that Melissa Chanel sent you. If you want a better view, I've got close ups over on my IG