Sneaker News: MC's Top 5 Kicks of the Summer

Sneaker News: MC's Top 5 Kicks of the Summer

If you’ve been following me (and it won’t take long, LOL), you know that I’m a true sneaker-head through and through. Yes, I have a crazy sneaker obsession; last time I counted, I had about 45 pairs in my closet. Judgement-free zone, right?! I’m not loyal to one particular brand, either. If they’re hot, you can bet they’re in my closet, and won’t be long before they’re on my feet and on this blog.

What I love best about my sneakers is that I can create both sporty and girly outfits with them. Whether I’m hanging out with family back in Camden, South Carolina or out at an event as big as Essence Fest, there’s a sneaker for every occasion. It used to be "high heels or nothing,” but your girl loves her sneakers and I'll rock them wherever!

My love of sneakers inspired me to create my newest Instagram account, Kicks & Fros. Yes, I love my natural hair, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, but my kicks are such a large part of who Melissa Chanel is, and since y’all have shown major love on my sneaker posts, I figured I’d create a space where we can chat all things sneakers! You all have been asking, so I’m here to answer the questions you’ve left on Twitter, IG, and Snapchat. Make sure you follow my new account, and ask your sneaker questions online and I’ll answer them here! 

Many of you have asked about my favorite sneakers. My top 5:

My most comfortable sneakers to date are the Stan Smith Adidas. First of all, they'll go with any and everything, and then it feels like you're walking on a cloud when you have them on your feet. I love wearing mine when hosting events or on my feet all day because I don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. I wear them with shorts, dresses, skirts—you name it. They mostly come in white with different colors added into the back of the shoe, which gives the perfect pop of color. 

I’ve also been obsessing over my Airmax One's. Why? Because after months of waiting, I can't believe I finally got my hands on a pair. They're hard to find, probably because they’re classic and can be paired with pretty much everything. They’ll definitely be in heavy rotation for a long time.


Top & Cut -offs: Levi | Sneakers: Nike (sold out) | Hair: Big Chop Hair

Next up are Nike Cortez. This shoe will always be around, so if you haven’t jumped on the wave, hurry up! Many girly-girls like to stay away from sneakers, but I promise you, even the girliest of girls can rock a pair of Nike Cortez with a dress or two-piece set. I have 4 pairs in my closet, ranging from classic black to bright yellow!

Nike Presto Extremes are another closet must-have of mine.They're basically socks, LOL. They really do fit so snug and comfy, just like my favorite pair of cozy socks. I went with a peach and black color, but If you're sticking to the basics, the black and white is fresh and clean to transition from summer to fall.

And last but not least, I'd have to add Airmax 97's. They recently rereleased the silver and gold (I was able to get both…*hides face*). They’re such the perfect funky sneaker. Every time I’ve worn them, they became an instant staple piece and conversation starter.

Photography: Brandon Grate Photography

What kicks have you added to your closet this summer? 

Oh! If you haven’t already, head over to @kicksandfros on Instagram and join our curly haired, kick-lovin community! Stay tuned for lots of fun features (featuring YOU!) and even some merch dropping soon! 

Love y’all for rocking with me! 


Melissa Chanel