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Review: Cantu's NEW Refresh ACV Collection

Melissa Chanel1 Comment
Review: Cantu's NEW Refresh ACV Collection

Are y'all just as excited as I am?! Yes, you're reading this right: Cantu has released Refresh, a new Apple Cider Vinegar collection for all hair types. I'm specifically excited about this line because I'm a protective style girl; -- I love changing up my look from braids, weaves, or wigs, and now I have a product to help when my scalp gets itchy, dry, or just feels dirty in between washes. I quickly introduced you to the line via Instagram, but now I have all the details on how it works for me. If you're looking to pick them up, your local Walgreen's has all three products listed below. 

Root Rinse: This root rinse can be used as a pre-poo or it could even replace your shampoo when rocking a protective style or any style and you want to stretch a bit longer. 

Root Relief: If you're looking for the perfect in between wash day product? Root Relief is perfect here. This product really gives your scalp that relief when it starts itching and it's not yet time to wash your hair. This has been my go-to while rocking my box braids. It gives my scalp a nice cool/fresh feeling and just like that, the itching stops.

Dry Co-Wash: YES, a dry co-wash for textured hair and guess what?! It works wonders. This product is part shampoo/part conditioner, and the shine it gives your hair is unbelievable. What I love most about this one is that there's no ugly white residue; it goes on light and leaves your hair with perfect moisture and shine. 


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I took two of three of these babies for a spin recently and I AM IN LOVE. I was in Atlanta this past week preparing for an event, and my scalp would not stop itching. I stopped by the Walgreen's in Decatur, GA to pick up the Root Rinse and Root Relief. You guys when I say instant relief, I really mean it. The rinse gave me a very gentle detox and I was able to massage my scalp with the product to get it directly to the areas I needed. I then followed with the Root Relief to control my itching because it's going on week five of my braids (Build up much? Haha).

My favorite part would have to be the application nozzle; it's perfect for those spots that are hard to get to when rocking protective styles.

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I'm so excited to stretch my braids a little longer now that I have three amazing products that work well to cleanse & help with my itchy scalp. 

Has anyone else tried the Refresh line? If so, let's chat in the comments! 

*This line is made with apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and shea butter. No sulfates, silicones, parabens, or mineral oils.


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