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Protective Styling x Cantu

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Protective Styling x Cantu

This post is sponsored by Cantu Beauty. All opinions are my own.

If you're one of my Instagram followers you already know I've been rocking a protective style for the past month. One of my best friends is really good at doing hair so she hooked me up with an easy breezy sew-in. All my hair is braided down underneath except for a "u" shape in the top. I've been getting asked on social media "Melissa, how do you protect your hair from thermal heat damage?" I'm here to share with you the two products that help protect my hair while wearing this style. 

Cantu Thermal Shield- This a heat protectant and I use it by applying three squirts of it on my damp hair before blowing it out. After it's blown out I also spray about two squirts before flat ironing. This heat protectant shields heat up to 450F and that's not it, it also reduces frizz and flyaways. It's infused with shea butter to soften the hair. I am in love with this product and now that I have it in my possession I will be using it for all my blowout sessions. 

Next up....

Super Shine Hair Silk- This is the product I add to finish my look. Once the hair is blown out I apply a dime size amount to my hand and rub on my hair from root to tip. It gives me that sleek look and helps prevent breakage as well as split ends, because who wants that! 

Here's a pictoral of my process. The first photo is my hair in its natural state, after washing with Cantu's Moisturizing Cream Shampoo and Moisturizing Rinse Out Conditioner. Time to apply the heat protectant before blow drying on medium heat, remember three squirts should do the trick. See my blown out hair in the last photo? Shrinkage is real I tell you, lol. 

Are you ready for the final results? 


My hair ls straight, the shine is amazing, and blends in perfectly with my hair! But we all know, second day hair is always the best

I will be adding the Cantu Thermal Shield and Super Shine Hair Silk to my regimen while wearing this protective style. The key is to not to straighten my hair after the initial straightening. I won't flat iron for about three weeks. This helps protect my hair from any thermal damage. 

Thanks again Cantu for the amazing products! 

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How do you protect your natural curls when applying heat? 


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