Passion & Purpose: Where Do I Begin?

Passion & Purpose: Where Do I Begin?

I know I’m usually chatting all things hair, fashion, and travel, but I’ve been feeling inspired lately. Actually, I have Team MC to thank; you guys and your energy on here, Instagram, and Snapchat keeps me going and constantly thinking of new ideas. Even when I'm feeling like writing or blogging isn't for me anymore, you guys swoop in and give me the confirmation I need with your DMs, emails, and comments. So first, I haveto say thank you to my ride or die crew! 

I still can’t believe I’m almost 31! It’s probably because I remember so vividly being in my early 20's and trying to figure it all out. I felt completely lost, with so many different ideas of what I wanted to do with my life, and what I wanted to “be” when I “grew up." Did I want to be a big PR executive, fashion stylist, sports commentator? My dreams were always big and over the top! I took on many jobs and opportunities to see what fit, what I could cross off my list, and narrow down the options to get a better idea of what exactly it was I wanted to do. Of course, I talked to so many people about my direction and the things I wanted out of life, hoping to gain some semblance of guidance. Trust me: finding your purpose isn't an overnight thing; it takes time and patience, for sure.

Being a blogger was something I got into as a hobby, never thinking it would become my profession. It’s mind-blowing when I think about it! I just knew I loved fashion and beauty, and wanted to share my passion through images and storytelling. I threw in a mix of my own original content, celebrated other bloggers, both well-known and budding, and vowed to remain consistent. I literally followed my passions and remained open to wherever those passions took me, and almost 6 years later, we're here! 

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Over time, those passions have grown branches and leaves. Fashion and beauty is the core, but there’s so much more to it, and I’ve allowed myself the freedom to explore both industries. I now know that inspiring women and helping them feel beautiful is my true passion! It brings me such joy to share advice and help women along their own journey to self-discovery. I’m so passionate about sharing beauty and personal style tips, yes, but also valuable advice on career choices. I now see that my own struggles to find my career path was necessary; in order for me to help someone else, I have to have traveled down that road myself! It’s all coming together.

Knowing that, I try to make myself available to walk in my passion in everything I do, whether it’s related to blogging or not. If I truly want to be a woman’s woman, helping them feel beautiful and confident from the inside out, then I must make myself available! Whether it’s through DM, email, coffee date, or brunch, I always make an honest effort to live out my passions every day.  

I can share my journey and struggles with you all because I know I’m not alone! We’re all in this together, and have to help and push one another. If you’re searching for your passion, here are just a few tips to help you get started.

1. Ask yourself: What do I love doing?Make a list about things that make you smile, laugh, or just something you’d do all day even if you weren’t getting paid. 

2. Build new relationships. Go out and meet people. Hear their stories. Talk openly about your goals, aspirations, and even hobbies; you never know what sparks may come from just having a simple conversation. 

3. Mentor! Find a mentor; they should be someone you look up to and someone you trust, and they’ll be able to help guide you, will oftentimes be a sounding board to run ideas by, and someone to talk to about things that make you wake up in the morning. Having that one person close that inspires you will help you to one day be an even better, more intentional version of yourself.

Starting off isn’t that hard, right? These are things you can literally start RIGHT NOW (well, at least when you’re done reading this post, haha). No, you won’t wake up tomorrow and have it all together, knowing exactly what your passion is and knowing the direction you need to take, but you’ll absolutely be one step closer. 

Lastly, try to formulate a sentence that speaks to who you are. It’s a fun exercise, and will take some perfecting, but once you get it, you’ll begin to walk in your passion more and more each day. 

I’ll go first:

I’m Melissa Chanel, and my passion is helping women feel beautiful inside and out by sharing my story, listening, sharing beauty and style tips, and being open about my journey through life.

What’s yours? Share with me in the comments below!

Until next time,


Melissa Chanel