Oldie But Goodie

Who remember's this shirt? It felt so good purging a few weeks ago, I was able to let go of A LOT of things as well as find some oldies, but goodies. I purchased this shirt at F21 before I packed my bags for the Bahamas a few years back and I feel in love. You can dress it up or down which is always a must for me and the side boob action it gives, YESSSSSS! 

Photography: Bryce


This is me most of the time, graphic tee & jeans..the simple life. 

Jeans: F21 (so old) Options | Top: F21 (super old) | Shoes: ATL shoe boutique, options | Sunnies: Street Vendor on 125th | Purse: Prima Donna 


Oh yeah so I've been meaning to tell you guys. I was reading Rachelle's blog, Pink Sole and she talked about her plan for June which was NO SHOPPING and thought I'd jump on the challenge as well. I started yesterday and I will not purchase one clothing item until July 1st. If I can last all of June I'm going to actually see if I could keep going. This is such a great way to save extra money which was one of my 2015 goals I set for myself. Who's jumping on this challenge with me? Don't all answer at once, lol. 

Melissa Chanel