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My Stretched Twist Out Process

Melissa Chanel2 Comments
My Stretched Twist Out Process

We all have our methods of styling our natural hair, right? From late night mini twists to the chunky twist-and-pineapple method, we stick to what works. Well, I've finally found what works for me, and that's a single twist out on blown out hair. Whether I'm hanging out on the town or posting photos on social media, I'm always getting questions about my 'do. Sooo, I figured, why not create a blog showing you the process of my go-to style? Let's get started. 

First, I shampoo & condition my hair using Cantu's sulfate-free Cleansing Shampoo  & Hydrating Conditioner. Then, I part my clean hair into four sections and apply my Thermal Shield Heat Protectant to prep for the blow drying process. What we DON'T want is thermal damage! She is not our friend at all. I usually put a dime size amount of product into my hands and smooth it into my hair using the praying hands method. 

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Next, it's time to twist!

I like twisting with Cantu's Coconut Curling Cream because it gives me the definition I love and a soft hold. When I find a product I like, I stick with it! 

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Next comes moisture. So I just used my curl cream to help define my curls and add moisture to my hair, and now it's time to seal in that moisture. Where's my Smoothing Anti- Frizz Oil w/ Argon? Oh girl, here it is! I usually add a little bit to my hands and smooth it into my twist, and then it's time for bed. 

I find that I get the best definition when I leave my twists in overnight or wear my hair twisted for a full day. If I need to go out and about, I tie it up in a cute scarf, protect it with a hat, or throw on Stacey (remember her?!)

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The next morning, it's time for the take down. Again, I add a little more of Cantu's Anti-Frizz and start the process of taking my twists down. I usually split my unraveled twist twice, which causes a little frizz, which I don't mind at all. The bigger the hair, the better!  

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For my final step, I use my most prized possession (my pick). I start at the roots and pick out just a little. I don't want to disturb my definition too much, but I do want to get my hair to the height that I like.

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and VOILA! 

I'm ready to hit the town. I love my definition and I picked it out just enough. As the days go by, I preserve my style by retwisting in chunky twists at night and taking them down the next day. I don't add another cream product to my hair, only oil every two days. 

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Simple, right? This style's not hard at all, and trust me: if I can do it at home, you can, too. 


Use mild heat when blowing your hair out, never HIGH.

Make sure you're not using too much product..always remember that a little goes a long way!

The longer you leave your hair twisted, the better the definition. 

Tools: Blow dryer c/o Hot & Gold & my pick is from my local Sally Beauty.


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