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My Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater

Melissa Chanel1 Comment
My Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater

This past weekend I was invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and I couldnt' wait to head out and shop for a sweater. All last week I spent my free time searching high and low for the perfect sweater that fit my personality. I knew I didn't want to go super ugly but I wanted to be festive. H&M never fails me, I went in and straight for the sequin! Who says your sweater has to be awfully ugly these days?! 


Photography by: Bryce

I mean my sweater said "Elfie Selfie," so why not..hahaa! The sweater was a hit, everyone at the party LOVED it and were also very creative when it came to selecting a sweater. One friend had an ugly holiday dress she made herself and I saw a guy walking around with lights built into his sweater, so cool! Are you hosting an Ugly Sweater Party? If so, remember you don't have to go dreadfully ugly and another idea, play games. If your friends don't all know each other personally, playing ice breaker games will help everyone loosen up. 

Game ideas
Christmas Carol Remix. Get into groups of 2 or 3..or more and give each group a Christmas song to remix. This gets super creative and funny. 

Christmas Charades. Again, groups of 2 or 3 but this time everyone will be acting out a Christmas movie, character, etc. This gets pretty funny as well, especially if your friends are just as crazy as mine. 

I hope you're having the best holiday season ever! 


Melissa Chanel