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My Life As Cantu Beauty's National Ambassador

Melissa6 Comments
My Life As Cantu Beauty's National Ambassador

Hey ya'll! I really can't believe we have about 3 more days in this year. Gosh, time really does fly when you're having fun. This year I was able to do so much and crush so many goals I made for myself at the beginning of the year. One of them being a National Ambassador for a hair care brand that I swear by, Cantu Beauty!  I just wanted to take the time to recap my last six months with Cantu and share some of the amazing opportunities I've had with the brand.


It all started with the WNHS back in April. I was able to travel down to Atlanta, GA and speak with amazing relaxed, natural, and all women and men about hair care, the Cantu Beauty brand, and tips for taking care of their hair. We had tons of giveaways and photos opts. I heard 2017 is going to be bigger and better, check out my 2016 recap if you're trying to decide if you want to go or not. It's really a great time! 

Cantu is a brand that I've loved since day 1 of starting my natural journey. It was a product I could afford and often raved about it to all my friends and family. So it was only natural, when I was asked to become the National Ambassador my answer was ummm YES! So to show their appreciation and love for their beauty influencers (known as the Cantu Crew), they put together a fun weekend filled with networking, learning about the products, exercising, and tons of laughs.

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After April my months were packed! If there was anything happening around the world, we were in attendance. Here's how it went down: Curl Fest, Essence Festival, Dollar General's- A Day of Beauty, Ubiquitous Beauty & Health Expo, Beauty Con, Impressions of Beauty College Tour, Bella Kinks, Family Dollar Fabulous, and soooo much more. 

I loved our braid bar at Beauty Con this year and how we were able to teach soooo many newbie's (young and old) about the Cantu brand. 


What I enjoyed most about working with Cantu this year is helping women understand their hair and love the skin their in. I was able to connect with so many women and let them know what they were doing right or wrong, give them hair care options, educate them on new Cantu products that were released throughout the year, as well as share my journey. Seeing smiles on those women's faces filled me with so much joy and excitement for the next event. 


I really enjoyed the Impressions of Beauty College tour. It was a more intimate setting and filled with college students with tons of hair and beauty questions. I was able to take their questions one by one, teach them a few things, learn about their hair and where they shop, and also mix in a little fun. I was on two stops of this tour, Southern University and North Carolina A & T. Each young lady left with Cantu goodies to try on their hair. I met so many smart ladies on this tour that I still keep in touch with and mentor to this day!


My last event of the year was the Family Dollar Fabulous event I attended here in Charlotte a few weeks ago on behalf of the brand. I met four other influencer's and was able to welcome them to a day filled with CANTU FUN! We took a trip to a local Family Dollar where I was able to educate the women on the Cantu products that were available to them, how to use them, and which would work best for their hair type. It was so great to see things from the consumer, buyer, and influencer point of few. I was also their to educate them on Body Fantasies fragrance body sprays as well. After the store visit and lunch we all headed to a local beauty bar for mani/pedi's, wine, and more Cantu Beauty and Body Fantasies fun. The ladies were able to play a fun fragrance game, get the inside scoop on Cantu products coming soon to Family Dollar, and snap photos of course! It was such a fun filled day and again I left with a full tummy and the BIGGEST smile on my face for being able to do something that I love. 


So cheers to an amazing 2016 with Cantu and excited for what's to come in 2017! I can't wait to share more hair care tips, new product releases, hair styles and more with you. And thank you for riding along on this journey with me. 

What's your favorite Cantu product? Or what product are you excited to try? 

Hope to see you in 2017 doing more of what I love with Cantu!


Melissa Chanel