I've always had a passion for clothing and style. I remember modeling my new purchases for my uncle and asking him which pieces would look best together. Creating has truly been a dream come true. 

When VitaminWater contacted me about being apart of their Project Hustle campaign, I jumped at the challenge. What is project hustle you ask, well here's a little back story. 

Earlier this year, a new crowd funding-inspired program from Vitamin Water invited aspiring entrepreneurs, artists-in-training, dreamers and film directors to submit their “hustle” project at for the chance to secure funding that will help make their dreams a reality. 

How freaking cool is that? I couldn't pass this opportunity because I love talking about my hustle and how dedicated I am to this blog and my brand. 

Ready to look at a day inside my hustle? 

It all starts with brainstorming/staying organized. I either wake up early or stay up late nights brainstorming blog post, outfit concepts, graphic ideas, thoughts, day to day to do list etc. I write everything down and it helps me get all of my thoughts out and prep me for my day.


I am a life + style blogger so my day to day is always different. Here's one of my more simpler schedules.

8am: Daily devotion with Joyce Myers as I get dressed for work. 

9/9:30a- Getting settled in at work (I'm a full-time Social Media Specialist).

5p-5:30p -  This is when the hustle comes into play. Once I leave work if I'm not attending an event or meeting with a brand I head home to start on blog work. 

6-8pm- I schedule social media posts, catch up on blog emails, plan photo shoots, schedule meetings, plan conference calls, and plan my content calendar for the week. 

9-11pm- I usually write a blog post or two, send photographer images for editing, and plan my weekends out. The hustle never ends. 

On the weekend's I'm usually out shooting for the blog with my photographer Bryce who happens to be one of my closest friends. I select outfits during the week and have everything ready and prepped so the day can be as smooth as possible. 

I've gained so many amazing opportunities through blogging. From brand partnerships  to being featured on magazine websites and other blogs (I still get shy when people notice me in public). This has truly become my hustle. Being able to express myself through style and let people know what I'm up to has been the most amazing road traveled. Blogging is something I love doing and never feels like work to me.

So here's my advice, when you find something you love doing....HUSTLE HARD and NEVER give up! You'll have plenty of sleepless nights, but I promise it's all worth it. 

"The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately!" 

Learn more about Project Hustle, check out the 10 finalist, and join the movement. 

This post was sponsored by vitaminwater. Opinions are my own.