My Curly Hair Cocktail

I haven't really talked about my hair on the blog in a long time so I wanted to update you guys on what I'm using. I get a lot of products in from different brands to try, some I like, some just don't work for my hair. The number 1 question I get on Instagram almost everyday is, "How do you make your curls POP like that?" Well, this post is for you. I don't use a whole product line because I always find this shampoo, condition, and curl cream I like from different lines and rock with it. Since cutting my hair back in February I've been wearing wash and go's and loving every bit of it. My weekly ritual is to wash my hair every Sunday afternoon to prep for the week since forever, but with wearing wash and go's I try to wash twice a week and the products you see above are my go to. 

  1. Shampoo (not pictured because I'm out) & Leave- In are both, Kurelle Belle.
  2. Sometimes I opt for my Dark & Lovely Conditioner if I don't want a leave-in. 
  3. I deep treat my hair twice a month, because the way this color is set's a MUST! This Banana Nut & Avacado is my all time favorite and smells delicious. 
  4. And shout out to my boo Janae Raquel for my amazing detangling comb. 

After washing, deep treating, and conditioning it's time to get my curls all the way together. 


Cantu's Curl Activator Cream & Deva Curl's Supercream are my go to curl poppin' products. I apply one or the other (never both, so which ever I'm feeling that wash day) and finger detangle it through. Then I get out my diffuser to make sure my hair is 80-90% dry before leaving for the day. Voila, I'm done and my curls are poppin' instantly. I hope this helps all of my curly girls out there. Head over to my Instagram for photos of my curls.

What are your go to products for curly hair? 


Melissa Chanel