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More Love Less Hate

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More Love Less Hate

We can all agree that the Internet can be a rude place, right?! I catch myself randomly scrolling through social media and I see so many "internet trolls" being straight-up mean. Can you imagine posting a photo of yourself or friends on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and having someone totally rip you apart? I've seen it happen to my myself and my friends on a daily basis. I've never understood how someone could sit behind a computer or phone and say such harsh words to people. It's just not right. 


Can I share a quick story? A while back, one of my photos was reposted by the Curlbox Instagram account. Where I'd usually by excited for the extra exposure, all I can remember is how rude some of the young ladies were under my photo. Were they talking about my face? My lipstick? No. Was something in my teeth? No. - The ladies were talking about how dark my underarms were. One girl went so hard to say that I "needed to clean my underarms." Like. What? I thought I was having a poppin' hair day and these girls were crucifying me about my underarms. I remember thinking, is this what blogger life is like? That was my first time dealing with social bullying and it SUCKED! Luckily, I was able to brush it off. I was 20 + and very comfortable in my skin, but imagine all the younger children and teenagers that deal with it every single day?! 


This must STOP! I am so happy to be partnering with Dove to tell my story and encourage everyone on the internet to spread positivity. Remember the saying: "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"? Let's practice what we preach. Because 52% of girls think that negativity they see online damages their confidence, so let's remember to use our words wisely. They have LOTS of power. 


I've already started spreading love, and you can join me! Head to your local Targetgrab three of your favorite Dove products, and get this super cute #SpeakBeautiful bracelet as well. It's super fashionable and a great reminder to spread love each and every day. I've been rocking my bracelet, it's a great way to remind myself to be positive and spread love, always. I even decided to stop by my local Target and grab a few for my friends. 


Choose Dove and support building self-esteem in 20 million girls by 2020. Let's join Dove and change the conversation online and make the internet and social media a more positive place for women and girls. After all, positivity is such a beautiful thing. 

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This post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you so much for your support and remember to #SpeakBeautiful! 


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