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Melissa Chanel's Blowout Maintenance

Melissa Chanel4 Comments
Melissa Chanel's Blowout Maintenance

The weather is finally starting to cool off some in NC so I set up an appointment for my seasonal blowout and trim. After posting a photo to Instagram I received a few questions asking how I maintained my blowout to last me throughout the week. First I'd like to say my blowouts usually last for about a week before it's produced just too much oil and I'm ready to go back to my curly fro. The picture above is from this morning, day 4 of my blowout. Here's how I maintain my blowout. 

  1. I wrap my hair nightly with a satin scarf and bonnet. I still have the scarf my grandma gave me in high school, it's perfect. 
  2. This week it's been raining cats and dogs. I make sure my hair is protected by wearing some sort of hat. This helps my hair last longer and protects it from the harsh weather. 
  3. I don't add any extra oil to my hair throughout the week. My hair produces so much oil that after a week it's time for me to try a different style or wash it. When my hair was longer I'd wear a bun the second week of my blowout just to change it up because I usually get bored with the bone straight look. 
  4. I don't sweat a lot at night or during the day so this helps my hair from frizz. If you sweat I would suggest maybe pin curling or sleeping with some sort of air blowing on you. 

That's pretty much it. Not difficult at all, right?!

How do you maintain your blowout?  


Melissa Chanel