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Melissa Chanel x CoinStar

Melissa ChanelComment
Melissa Chanel x CoinStar

This post is sponsored by Coinstar, but all opinions are my own. 

Did you know you can instantly exchange gift cards for cash?! If the answer is no, keep reading. 


The New Year is here and we're all hoarding those gift cards we received during the holiday season. I know I'm one of those people who keep gift cards FOREVER, even if they're for stores I never shop in. Well, guess what?! We know longer have to let those gift cards take up space in our wallets because Coinstar is here to save the day! Now you can instantly exchange gift cards for cash at any Coinstar Exchange kiosk and those are Coinstar's words, not mine...haha. 


After I received this information you know I had to go out and give it a try right?! I grabbed my belongings (and my Mom) and took a ride to my local Food Lion to see if this Coinstar news was REAL. After arriving at two local grocery stores in my area and seeing the "not in service" sign, hanging from the kiosk, I got little disappointed, but I kept the faith. As I walked into the THIRD supermarket I could see the shiny yellow kiosks waiting for me in the right-hand corner and after following a few easy steps, I was able to exchange my gift card for cash money! Money, Money, Money......MONEY! 

Here's how it works: 

1. View and accept the offer 

2. Verify your identity 

3. Insert your gift card

4. Print your cash voucher 

Easy right? Now, wait ...please finish reading this post before you head out to your local grocery store to get rich! The exchange booths aren't in ALL stores yet so before you leave the house, click HERE to locate a kiosk near you. 


FYI: Payout rates vary by retailer. This means offers are different for each gift card. 

Congrats! You're all done and now a few dollars richer. Here's another tip...make sure your gift card is accepted at the kiosk, then thank me in the comment section below once your transaction is complete, lol! 

So if you have tons of gift cards taking up space in your wallet and haven't the lotto yet, the time is now. Get your coins up with the help of Coinstar