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Melissa Chanel x Cantu Takes NYFW

Melissa ChanelComment
Melissa Chanel x Cantu Takes NYFW

If I’m forced to live out of a suitcase instead of in my perfect new apartment (did you check outmy apartment tour?), I’d much rather be spending my days in my favorite city front row at NYFW.

That’s exactly what I had the privilege of doing when I took my talents to NYC a few weeks ago, spending almost a week on my old stomping grounds for New York Fashion Week.

First up was Texture on the Runway, powered by Naturally Curly. I can't believe I'm typing this but I spearheaded one of the dopest fashion shows of NYFW. Cantu took over the runway with hair inspiration from The Maria Antoinette and styling by Harrison Crite. Syncopated Ladies, Team Twins, and The McClure Twins (!!!) took over the show, and fashion week will never be the same. It still feels like a dream. Putting this show together was a very hard task, but WE DID IT and I’m so happy to have been a part of the team.


Next up was Tracy Reese, where I shared the backstage experience as Cantu's National Ambassador. From the model prep to tips from the lead stylist and interviewing Tracy Reese herself (yes, Melissa Cantey from Camden, South Carolina, interviewed Tracy Reese!), it was an all around incredible experience that I still can't get over. She shared her inspiration behind the collection, her go-to hairstyle, and more in a video I'll be able to share with you guys really soon, so stay tuned!


Seeing the show come together from start to finish was awe-inspiring. Her Spring 2018 collection was ah-mazing; I wanted to take soooo many pieces home with me! Oh, did I mention that she had the models speaking in their native tongue the entire time, sharing positive statements about themselves, their bodies, and what's important to them. Like, WHAT?


This show couldn't have gotten any better, UNTIL…


Yup, that’s me with THE legend Whoopi Goldberg. I told her that I loved her, she told me that she loved my shirt, we shared some laughs, then snapped this picture. Life = MADE.

Once my NYFW duties were done, I spent the rest of my time in New York in exciting meetings about new Cantu content, caught up with a few of my blogger boos, brunched (of course), checked in with my mentee and family, and then saw Chicago on Broadway.

WHEW! I’m exhausted just recapping it all. Oh, New York; you never cease to amaze me.

Did you attend NYFW? Let me know some of your highlights!