Melissa Chanel X Big Chop Hair

Melissa Chanel X Big Chop Hair

If you follow me on Instagram you already know I've been rocking new hair! Yup, since July I've been wearing my Big Chop Hair wig made by my blogger boo Maria and I can't get enough of it. This hair is PERFECT, it's light weight, I can wash it and blow it dry or let it air dry, just like my hair. We all know how much I love to switch up my look so this wig was right on time!


I've received sooo many questions since rocking my new hair and I'm here to answer them all in one blog post. 

What type of hair was used and did you use a closer? The hair is spiral curl and yes a closure was used. 

Who made your wig? My wig "Stacey" (yes I named her) was cut, custom colored, and made into a wig by THE talented Maria Antoinette

How many bundles did you use? Maria used 3 bundles of the spiral curl when making my wig. 

How did you fit your hair under the wig? When I wear my wig I always single twist my hair in about 10 twist and cover it with a wig cap I purchased from Sally's Beauty. 

Is the wig hot or heavy? My wig is not hot or heavy at all. 

How does it stay on your head? Maria was able to sew three clips and a trap onto the wig cap that I can easily tighten and/or slide the clips into my hair. I have two clips on each side and one in the back. I can shake and move without worry.


I can't seem to take this wig off my head and so you'll be seeing a lot more of "Stacey" here on the blog! 

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Are you thinking about purchasing some Big Chop Hair? Because I think you should & I'm always trying to think of a way to hook my readers up! Use code MELISSACHANEL at checkout to save $10 bucks on your purchase! 


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