Macy's Firework Show

After the unexpected death of my uncle (I'm currently home with family now), my best friend was determined to get me out of the house for the 4th of July. He called with with tickets to the Macy's 4th celebration in Long Island City and it was an experience for the record books. Macy's showed out with great music, food, snack, goodie bags and more as we patiently waited for the 9:30pm firework show. 

The view of the city was breathtaking and it was great to get my mind off things and just live in the moment with great friends. We spent our time yelling with waving our American Flags, playing ball toss with beach balls, meeting new people, and singing along to the amazing choir. 

It was finally time for the moment we'd all been waiting for! The firework show was amazing, I still can't stop talking about it. Growing up I was always afraid of fireworks, I love how beautiful they were but I wasn't the one who wanted to buy a bunch of them. I was just fine with the sparklers and pops..haha. This was the first time I've ever seen this type of presentation, NYC will always find a way for me fall in love with her over and over again. 

These 3D glasses were so clutch, during the firework show we were able to put them on and see stars fall from the fireworks + we looked cool while doing it, lol. Thanks to my best friend for always knowing how to make me smile during tough times and Chris for always hanging out with us. 


I ended up wearing my Target tee from here and cutting it to make it more of a cropped top with my same old faithful 4 year old F21 jeans and my converse. This outfit was super comfy and patriotic. NYC was actually pretty chilly for the 4th so this was the perfect look to keep me warm, minus the holes..haha. 

How did you celebrate America's Birthday? 


Melissa Chanel