Look Fab, Get Fit: 4 Places to Shop Cute Workout Gear

 Look Fab, Get Fit: 4 Places to Shop Cute Workout Gear

Are you in “Get Summertime Fine” mode but just can’t seem to get out of your rut and get in the zone? I’m no professional fitness motivator, but I can speak from experience when I say that I just might know exactly what you need to get going: SHOPPING! 

Now, if you’ve followed my blog for any time at all, you know that I may not be a pro at getting out and running, walking on the treadmill, doing sit-ups, or jumping rope, but if there’s anything that I can gladly do (and do with my eyes closed) it’s shopping. That’s what really helped jumpstart my fitness journey. I searched Pinterest for hours for athletic wear inspiration, made my list, and had the best time shopping for it all. Give me the brightly colored sports bras, cutout leggings, biking shorts, and tank tops—I want it ALL. I’ve grown to love athletic wear so much that I’ve turned to it for my everyday life. Yep, your girl is all about "athleisure."

Loving what I’m wearing while working out is actually what keeps me interested in working out, so I figured I’d pop in and share the wealth on the best places to shop for your fly workout gear! Ready? 

Marshall’s. This is my absolute favorite place to shop for a lot of things, but gym clothes is definitely number 1 on the list. They always have affordable options, so I snag tons of cute items without breaking my pockets. I usually get about 2-3 gym outfits each visit because the prices are just so right.

Forever21. I know you're probably thinking, “Really? Forever 21?!”, and to that I say, “Yes, really!" Forever21 has some of the cutest color-coordinated gym outfits, so I always swing by to see what new things they have in-store. If you’re just starting out and don’t want to step completely outside the box with cutout leggings and flashy prints, their classic black workout pants and cute graphic tees are excellent quality and the perfect fit. 

Pardon My Fro. Are you ready for some leggings that make a serious statement? If so, Pardon My Fro should be your first stop. The pictures above are from PMF, and I get compliments every time I put them on. They're also perfect for that athleisure look I mentioned earlier. Get you a pair, and tell them Melissa Chanel sent you!

Nike Outlet. Y'all know I love me some Nike. On top of the dope shoes, they always seems to have a great sale happening at the outlets in Charlotte, so this is where I go to rack up on sports bras. I like my sports bras to have a nice, firm hold and it seems like Nike is the only store that really gets me when it comes to bra fits. They’re also the athleisure GAWD. I mean seriously…they’ve got the most stylish items to wear before and after your workout, actual workout gear, and then things you just wear casually for a sporty look. I mean, you name it, they have it. Now who wants to get me a gift card? Haha! I might actually host a giveaway sometime soon; that’s how badly I want to put you all on to Nike!

Outfit details

 Leggings: Pardon my Fro | Sneakers: Nike (sold out) | T-shirt: H&M 

I know I’m not the only one with the inside scoop on affordable workout gear! Drop a line with your go-to stores in the comments below and share the wealth!