Live in Color

Moving to NYC has def brought out the DARK SIDE of MelissaChanel as far as style is concerned. I find my closet filling with more and more black as we speak. It's just something about it that screams fresh, chic, and about my business that I love or maybe it's just me being lazy when getting ready for work in the morning, but the first thought sounds better, ha. With that being said I'm trying hard to bring more color back into my BRIGHT happy life. 

Photography by: Bryce 


This cute little colorful top has been in my stash for YEARS. I think I purchased it almost 4 years ago from Forever 21 and believe it or not this was my first time wearing it. I know, I really have shopping issues but after a recent purge I'm wearing more of what I have instead of buying new things. 

Top: F21 (old) | Jeans: Gap | Purse: Old Navy | Sunnies: New Orleans boutique | Shoes: Shop Prima Donna (old)


So here's to more color in my wardrobe! Do you have any tips for me? Share them below. 


Melissa Chanel