Hi Dolls,

This post isn't about fashion or natural hair, but after seeing a post on Instagram I had to make sure I shared this information. Breast Cancer hits home for me after my aunt and cousin were diagnosed within a year of each other, it's been a very hard time for my family but we've gotten through it! They both fought like the survivors they are and BEAT the stupid thing.

Not only did it change my outlook on life, but it brought my family together like never before. I promise it's nothing like having a support system around you through the good and the bad! From chemo sessions, surgeries, appointments, babysitting, and celebrating...we've done it all and I'm so happy to say it's OVER! Not only are my Auntie Libby and cousin Hope my survivors, but they're my inspiration...inspiring me each and everyday that nothing can knock me down and stop me in life!

After thinking of how I could support and show my love for the survivors in my life, then I came acrooss Beyonce's Instagram (Girls love Beyonce, Lol) of her painting her pinky pink and thought it was an awesome idea! The next day I headed to the salon and every since I've been getting questions about my pinky and it feels so good when I get to explain the story of MY SURVIVORS!!

Looking for a way to support in the area? Check out BeTheBetter to donate to the cause, purchase a sweatshirt, or join the breast cancer walk team.

My Survivors