Hi Dolls,

IT'S HUMP DAY! We're half way to the finish line. Keep pushing and keep working hard. :-)

Last week Ouidad shipped me some amazing products if I must say so myself. I was ready to wash my hair immediately and show everyone my results but I waited until my normal Sunday wash day.

As I opened my package I was super excited to see tons of NEW products for color treated hair.


Color Preserving Shampoo: I applied this shampoo twice to my super dirty hair. My hair didn't feel stripped and that's what makes me love this shampoo even more. I haven't come across a shampoo yet that has left my color as shiny and conditioned (even though it was a shampoo) as this product has. First time using a product for color treated hair and I will be using this shampoo until the very last drop.

Style Boosting Color Extender: I applied the extender and was super excited to how my color would come out in the end. This products explains how it will maximize a glossy and vibrant shine for days and that's exactly what happened. I will be applying this once a week and adding it to my weekly regimen.

Color Preserving Conditioner: Immediately after rinsing my style boosting extender out, I applied the conditioner. I made sure to finger detangle my hair and this conditioner made that very easy to do. I made sure to rinse with cool water and felt as if my curls were back to life. I felt my hair was full of moisture and of course it smelled amazing.

I was very satisfied with the product line and could not wait to see my results the next morning. I usually make sure to add some oil to my hands before I let my twist down which always gives me less frizz.

The Look- Two strand twist on blown out hair. 

My results were amazing and the Ouidad products lived up to all the expectations I had for them! I will be using them more especially to take great care of my color. The Color Sense line gets a MelissaChanel STAMP of approval.

Looking for the perfect products for your color treated hair? Make sure to look into these Ouidad products and don't forget to tell them MelissaChanel sent you! Happy Shopping.

P.S.- I also received some hair treatments! You know what that means right? Stay tuned for part 2!

Do you have color? How do you keep it moisturized?