Hi Dolls,

HAPPY HUMP DAY! I hope you gals and fellas are having an amazing day! Today's feature is a young lady who is very special to me and reminds me a lot of myself. She has an amazing talent and I had to share. Check all the details on TyraMonique below:

How did the name TyraMonique come about? 

Well, it's my name. When I first started out I went though so many names that I just didn't like or that I thought were commonly used. So I figured why not use my name.

Were you always interested in designing?

Designing is not something that I was always interested in. It came along after I was watching a friend do a DIY project for school. So we looked up other projects and that's when the idea came about.

What inspires you? 

There are many things as well as people that inspire me. My biggest inspiration are people that started out small and made a name for them self. 

Would you like to expand your brand? If so how? 

At this moment I'm not sure how I would like to expand my brand but when that time comes I have a great business advisor that can help me out with that!

What's the thought behind each bag or piece of jewelry? 

Behind each jewelry and bag I want the buyer to know that they have a nice quality handmade item. I want them to wear the item and show it off to the world.

What would you tell someone who wants to follow in your footsteps? 

Follow your heart. In life there are people that only want to see you fail but don't give them that satisfaction. 

Check out TyraMonique' handmade designs:


leopard clutch 

Small tote 


Arm Candy:

Anchor and Infinity Bracelet 
Red sideways cross bracelet 

Blue sideways cross bracelet 

All of these items can be purchased at TyraMonique's website, go check her out and make your purchase today. For custom designs email tyra_furman@yahoo.com (she does not do embroidery).