Hi Dolls!! I know I've been a stranger lately but I promise to fill you guys in with my LIFE soon. This look is one I shared on instagram Sunday and received sooo many messages I thought it would be a great idea to give you a little background info! First of all this whole idea is like genius, a good friend of mine started this line of shirts, "Affluent Culture" and since the release has been up to her neck in orders. She recently sent me this "Doer Of All That's Dope" crew neck and I couldn't wait to rock it, I'm all about being stylish and comfy at the same darn time.. LOL!

Soooo here's the scoop:

How was Affluent Culture created? 
Affluent Culture came about a couple months ago quite randomly actually. Those who know me, know that I absolutely love God and I absolutely love Music. So, one day as I was riding in my car somewhere, listening to music of course, and I had this vision to somehow combine my two loves in a way that would somehow help me retain more scriptures from the Bible. A couple of days later, after a conversation with one of my best friends, the vision of creating t-shirts with popular sayings and popular song lyrics on them in a way that promoted God’s Word and positive energy just came to me. The rest is history! Well…the start of history at least!

Do you have a cool story about how the name came about? 

The name Affluent Culture kind of just came to me also, but it came to me after several months of agonizing about finding the “perfect” name. There was no trumpets playing and the Heavens didn’t open up when it came to me like I thought they would, but when it happened, I knew that was it! Affluent Culture represents abundance and wealth. Some may think of money when they hear the word affluent, but it means so much more than that. God has blessed me with so much, even in those moments when I had no money. God has given me an abundance of 2nd, 3rd , and 4th chances and my only conclusion as to why he would do that for me is so that I may do the same for someone else. That’s what I want Affluent Culture to represent. A culture of gratitude and service. I pray that my shirts will serve as a constant reminder to not only be a DOER of all that is DOPE but to also BE all that is DOPE, by leaving this world a lot better than it was before your arrival in it.

If you're DOPE and Do DOPE THINGS make sure you check out the website coming VERY SOON!

For now you can email to place an order, tshirts are also available. Check out @loveajamay instagram for other designs.