Is That Your Real Hair?

Hi Dolls...

As you all may know I love changing my hair because I get bored very quickly when it comes to my hair. My motto is "it's just hair, it'll grow back" so I don't mind cutting or coloring as long as I take care of it I'm just fine.

This past year I cut my hair which grew back very fast, I colored, twisted, braided, head name it, I tried it.

I love trying new styles and seeing how my fashion changes as I change my hair. Here are a few of my 2012 looks ...

Before I became natural and still to this day I still get asked the question, Is that your real hair? How does it get so curly and also straight! I love the versatility of natural hair.  I can do so much with my hair now being that I'm natural without the breakage and harsh chemicals of a relaxer. TEAM NATUAL forever, I can always straighten if I want the relaxed look!

Lets have an hair update: My go to products are still Jane Carter at this moment, I just love how it makes my hair feel and the hold I get with my twist outs. The go to style right now is my flat twist out on blown out hair, with a great heat protectant you can't go wrong with this stretched look.

Right now I have my hair in box braids, I washed my hair and conditioned it really good before getting them installed. I spent about 10 hours getting them done and it was well worth it, I love them and I want to keep them in forever...LOL! I think it's because it's so convenient when getting ready in the morning and all the styles you can create! This weekend I'm actually going to get a few rows redone to give me a refreshed look, I want to make these last until about March. HUGE thanks to Alex at The Good Hair Blog for her Protective Style Challenge which encouraged me to get the box braids and also my stylist Safa back in my hometown who installed my braids.

Right now I'm wearing them in a bun because I have a few that are loose and I want to keep them secure until the weekend.

So right now no this is not my hair, but I bought it... HAHAHA. But I love being natural and being asked those questions, just gives me more reason to school people on the hair that comes out of my scalp!