I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I wasn't feeling that great but hopefully this week is BIGGER and BETTER!

I have some amazing news to share, I will be attending Fro Fashion Week as a Lead Press Supporter!!!!  I'm excited to attend the Bloggers, Brands, and Brunch along with other fun events through out the weekend!

WHAT, WHEN? Fro Fashion Week is held February 25th- March 3rd and it's a week full of workshops, meeting naturals, a fashion show, and brunch. Check out the full schedule here

Make sure you head over and register today , the weekend day package HERE and the awesome VIP package they have available while supplies last.

My girl Charyjay will be the Keynote Speaker at the brunch this year, always great times when she's around....EXCITED MUCH!?!?

Are you a model???  Fro Fashion Week is opening model call to runway models outside of metro Atlanta. The deadline for submissions 2/4/ HURRY

Fro Fashion Week is going to be amazing!!! I can not wait to get down to Atlanta and meet some awesome naturals and bloggers, get tons of information, and see the models RIP the RUNWAY...I driving down on Friday March 1st and staying the weekend. Hope to see you!!!!