Hi Dolls and Gents,

HAPPY MONDAY! I hope everyone had a FAB weekend.

We all dream right? Do you set goals to work toward making those dreams a reality? I know I do and I'm excited about one day sitting and looking while I'm in my dream! Today I wanted to share a "BE YOUR DREAM" Campaign hosted by my blogger bestie over at Keep Sitting Pretty.

I'm excited to see where I am next year toward reaching my goals and reaching for my dreams! Set goals, dream...dream big and never let anyone tell you your dream is too big or too small. I had a problem with being scared to dream, but now I realize all I have to do is work hard toward achieving those dreams! I can feel it, I can feel my dreams becoming a reality especially in blogging and it's only been a year since MelissaChanel was born... I hope you guys are here to stay because I have some great things ahead in 2013!!!

Here's how to participate in "BE YOUR DREAM"

Ways To Participate:
1. Instagram Be Your Dream Campaign (Your Very Own Virtual Vision Board) starts Jan. 1, 2013 (Or today like me... LOL)
2. Use the hashtag #beyourdream on Instagram and/or Twitter on 
A) Photos of you displaying the phrase "Be Your Dream"
B) Photos of you pursuing your dreams
3. Simply Be Your Dream and share your journey so that you can inspire others!
I started a little late but it's never to late to dream!!! Follow me on Instagram at MelissaChanel to see my dreams .....

For more info head over to Keep Sitting Pretty