Protective Style Challenge


HAPPY MONDAY!!! I hope everyone had a fun and exciting weekend. If you didn't notice...ummm yes that's ME in the picture above. I decided to join The Good Hair Blog's Protective style challenge, I was a few weeks late on the challenge but better late than never right? You can head over to the blog to learn more about the challenge, but it's basically a 3 month challenge of wearing protective styles all while maintaining healthy hair.

I decided to go with box braids, something I've been thinking about for a while and this challenge just made me finalize that decision. This past weekend I went to my hometown and started the installation of my box braids, it took about 10 hours total to finish. I am LOVING the results, they are some what heave but not bad at all. I will keep these in probably until the end of the challenge or maybe a little longer since I started late. During the next few months I will make sure to moisturize my scalp and make sure my natural hair still remains healthy.

I've received a few questions about what type of hair I used, It was basic Yaky braiding hair and we used around 10 packs.

It's never to late to join a challenge so if you've already joined or if you want to leave a comment and let me know about what type of protective styles you'll be doing.