Woman + Bow Tie = BOSS



I hope everyone had an amazing and well rested weekend. What did you do? I caught up on some much needed work and rest.

I'm just swinging through because I promised I would post when I finally rocked my bow tie!!! Remember my post about how women are taking over the BOW TIE GAME, yes fellas we're taking over and rocking them very well might I add.

My awesome friend/name twin over at Artfully Frugal sent me my first bow tie. She's such a sweetie!!! She knows that I'm a leopard FREAK and I instantly fell in LOVE with my leopard bow tie...

I shared this picture on instagram this morning but if you don't follow me how would you know...soooo here I am rocking my hand made bow tie!!!!

I paired it with a sheer top I purchased at F21 which worked out perfect!

What do you guys think? 

Hair UPDATE- My hair has not been my friend lately, not sure if it's because of the weather change or what!? But ummm yeah. This was just a quick wash and go I did this morning and had no time to mess with.

Style Tip: Mix men's fashion into your wardrobe...whether its a cute hat, jeans, bow tie, shirt, whatever... you can make it HOT!